My Summer

Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. It has lots of characteristics to adorn its nature. One of them is its attribute of seasons including summer, rain, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. As we all know, summer comes with the scorching heat of sun. In Bangladesh, it continues from March to May in the company of a little rainfall. It seems that everything is burned in the earth. Water label goes down in the ground. Rivers lose their water. Bangladeshi people usually call summer modhu mas, the month of honey. It does not mean that in this month lots of honey produces. Actually, during the summer several fruits ripe. Mango, jackfruit, papaya, banana, pineapple, watermelon, guava, litchi, black berry are the fruits that grows in summer. All these fruits are sweet in test as honey. Therefore, people equate this month with honey.

After reading Vasant Moon’s autobiography Growing up Untouchability in India, in chapter “Heat and Rain”, I find some similarities between me and him in our characteristics. In that chapter he describes his past years when he passed his summer. I believe he loved summer as I do. However, many people don’t love this season for its very hot weather, but among all the seasons, summer is my favorite season because it comes with lots of happiness. First of all, it brings many delicious fruits. Secondly, it gives me a vacation from my daily monotonous life. Throughout the year, I eagerly wait for the summer to enjoy my vacation. Furthermore, Vasant Moon’s summer days seems so lively to me. Jumping and running here and there with his friends, stealing fruits from others garden, grading crabs from the river exemplifies that he was very naughty and restless in his childhood. These events remind me my summer vacations. In my childhood, I was so restless. When my mother reminisces about my childhood, she always says that I didn’t stand in a place for a second. During the summer vacation, I usually went to our village with my family. There I enjoyed my vacation with my grandparents. In my village there are lots of mango trees. I and my friends usually ran throughout the village, stole mangoes from others tree and ate them sitting in a shade of a big tree by sharing them with my friends. Those days of my childhood are so meaningful to me that I can never forget them.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

One Response to My Summer

  1. shinyday14 says:


    Dear friend. I enjoyed reading your blog entry. In fact, only before some days ago, when Ms, Fatima told

    us that Bangladesh has six months, I could only see one season here, summer. Your description helped

    me learn about these seasons a little more. Talking about the fruit was another interesting thing in your

    writing. Honestly speaking, before coming here I had never seen some fruits like papaya and litchi, and I

    think the reason is the different weather of Afghanistan and Iran with Bangladesh. Since the weather in

    these countries is mostly dry and warm, they cannot grow these kinds of fruit there.

    In second paragraph, you talked about your similar memories to Moon’s. It is great that you have had

    this ability to digest the information and descriptions written in this book and compare them to your

    own life. However, I have only some questions that I would like to know about your idea.

    Do you think if Moon were from the higher caste and were not poor, he could have the same memory,

    the same life and the same future?

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