My own Rainy days

The chapter “Heat and Rain” in Vasant Moon’s autobiography Growing Up Untouchables in India talks about Moon’s childhood experiences during the summer and monsoon season in his village. He beautifully writes about people’s activities and their lifestyles during these days. After reading the chapter, I could not stop thinking about my own community and my experiences, especially during rainy seasons.

Similar to India, as described by Moon in his autobiography, Nepal also has monsoon season that follows the summer. Moon describes that in the scorching days of summer, people in his village felt lazy and tired. They were not seen working in the fields, but rather seen relaxing outside under the shade of trees to feel the cool breeze. Similarly, my community people dislike summer days; they like to work less during summer in comparison to other seasons. They feel tired soon and lack enthusiasm to do their work. However, as the monsoon days approach, each drop of rain acts as a new hope and aspiration to them. Being tired of working in the hot days of summer, they feel pleasure when they see dark clouds in the sky. Rainfall makes people feel calm and peaceful. During rainy days, they prefer staying at home and gossiping with the family members, which by chance bring every member together, who would be otherwise busy at their work.

Talking about my own experiences, I often found my community more beautiful and refreshing during rainy days than other days. Rain would wash away the dirt and make the surrounding fresh and clean. I could still imagine the scene when small children danced and played outside in the rain, while their mothers shouted at them to come inside home so that they did not catch fever. Moreover, rainy days used to be always fun days for me and my brother. We would make paper boats and sail them on the small, narrow gutter of my house. He would stay in one end of the gutter and sail those paper boats, while I would wait for those boats on the other end. In the afternoon, my mother would make pakodas for tea, and the best moment of the rainy days was to savor those delicious pakodas and watch the rainfall outside. Besides, seeing small ducklings float on the water-filled ditches used to be a tranquilizing experience for me. Hence, I used to enjoy rainy days in my community.


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