My Happiness Comes from Your Smiles

                Writing the article “The New Science of Happiness,” Claudia Wallis gives a new version of happiness. He notes some psychologists’ thoughts and studies, and he further analyzes what things in people’s lives can actually make people happy as well as the things that can’t. Finally, the results show that happiness is constituted by “pleasure, engagement, and meaning,” instead of money or sunny days (4).

                In this article, Wallis also mentions some researchers’ suggestions that how to find happiness. Most of them are related to the involvement in other people’s lives. For example, writing gratitude journals, performing as altruism, and loving others can make people feel happy. I really agree with these suggestions since I have the same feeling about the idea of happiness. Because of the involvement, our emotions are mostly influenced by the relationships between others and us. I want to share my experience as an example here. Being a member of AUW Community Teaching Club, I went outside to teach some children near our university last Saturday. There were no classrooms, books, desks or chairs. The only thing that those children had was the passion of learning. I taught them some words such as “sing” and “sleep.” Since all of those words were related to actions, I had to use gesture language to show them. They listened carefully and followed my instructions. The scenes were really moving when they did those gestures with their unique, naïve smiles. Finally, we sang songs together; they used a stick as a microphone for my singing. I had a lot of fun there, and suddenly I realized the things mentioned in Wallis’s article – performing kindness and being involved in other people’s lives could really make us happy. At least, I could not help smiling when I saw their smiles at that time.

                Although we live our own lives individually in the world, the meaning and values of our lives are shown by the things we do; then, the environment we live and the people we meet become an important part of our lives. Our success, wealth, and so many things come from others, and of course, so dose happiness. When we are cared by other people, we feel happy; on the other hand, when we care and help others, we also feel happy, and the feelings can be even stronger than we have in the first case. When I am beneficial for others, or when I make other people happy, I can see the values of my existing in the world as well as the meaning of my life. Therefore, I will try all my best to perform as an altruist, as I know that happiness can come from other people’s unique, honest smiles.





2 Responses to My Happiness Comes from Your Smiles

  1. The way of writer to write this article really facinates me. The writer has creatively described the facts about happines. The most interesting thing that I get to know from this article is that 50% of our happiness is inherited from our genes.

  2. papunauw says:

    Dear Mei,
    I enjoyed a lot reading your very well-written post. Yes, mei you are absolutely right. Everybody can be happy by making others happy.
    I am very glad to know that you became happy by teaching those children and getting satisfaction from their smiling face. Very altruistic you are.

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