Material Success

The play, “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, shows how some people are well concerned about money, wealth and material success. Willy, one of the main characters of this play, is always concerned about having money and material success, and hence, he has in the verge of becoming mentally depressed about his life and his boys’ future. He always thinks how to earn a lot of money and how to have a luxurious life.

Similarly one of my neighbors also had the same idea of having material success; they wanted to be rich and live show fully. Since my next door uncle and aunt were not well educated, they just focused only on money, wealth and perches of land. They were interested to get these things in any way. They were like, you pay me as much as u can, and I’ll work. Since they were poor in educational side, they did not even want their daughter to be educated. As a result, they gave their daughter in marriage in her young age itself to a wealthy rich guy, who was several years older than her, came from a posh family. They did not want to think about this deeply and take appropriate decision. They were that stingy to agree with that proposal as soon as they got to know about the guy. Though this girl did not want to marry, her parents persuaded her to marry that guy by telling her that she won’t have such a good man if she disagreed with that wedding proposal as if there were no any other men to her to marry.

Finally, after two or three years this girl could not live with that guy due to various other problems and that ended up in divorce. On the one hand, her family had nothing left, both their respect and the reputation of that family was lost. On the other hand, the girl lost her life.

Though I don’t know the end of this play, this is what I feel about material success according the reality that I have seen.

One Response to Material Success

  1. fmoriam says:

    Dear Mumthaz,
    Reading your response, I was a little bit confused. Yes, it’s true that Willy was concerned about material success, but I think you can’t say he ALWAYS thought how to earn a lot of money. In my perception, in the bottom of his heart, he always wanted a happy family rather than a luxurious life. He wanted Biff to stay with him and Linda. He wanted his sons to be successful in life. He wanted a happy retired life. May be you got to know this after finishing the play. I felt pity for you neighbors. Yes, in our society, there are many people who give priority to money and wealth. Again, I am curioous about what exactly had happened with your neighbors had nothing left and how the girl lost her life.

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