In response to “Heat and Rain”

“Oh! It is too hot at outside, maa. Please give me a glass of green coconut water or lemon juice.” When we were in our village, we used to say it to our mother after coming back from the playground. My village was one of the villages which were surrounded by many kinds of fruit trees like mango trees, jackfruit trees, blackberry trees, and litchi trees. Although lots of trees were there, summer was terrible there.
When I read the chapter “Heat and Rain” of the autobiography Untouchables in India written by Basant Moon, I started to think about what were happened in our village when it was summer. In “Heat and Rain,” Moon describes about people’s thirst for having their bodies wet by drops if rains in the summer. It is also described that children of the village used to steal the fruit as they didn’t have enough food to eat in their home.
After reading the chapter, I reminisced that in our village also children used to steal the fruit from others trees at noon, when the owners were sleeping. Some children used to do it just for fun, but most of the children used to steal only because of poverty. Their parents only could provide them with rice for two times a day, and they ate the rice with the spinaches collected from the doba (a very small pond, and the water of it was very dirty). Children of these families could not even think of telling their parents to buy some fruits for them, and that’s why they used to steal the fruit.
Another thing also used to happen in summer. When it was too hot, but there was no possibility of raining, people of our village, especially the farmers, whose crops were dying due to lack of rain, used to perform some rituals to call the rain to come. Muslim people used to arrange milaad (one kind of prayer) to beg to the God for rain, and Hindu people also do some puja for it. Surprisingly, after two or three days, rain came and wet the hot earth with its cold water.

One Response to In response to “Heat and Rain”

  1. mumthaz says:

    It was intersting to read your articel, Tasnia. The points that you have told is really good enought to draw the attention of the readers. However, what I feel is it would have been more intersting if you had mentioned what you guys do during the summer and how your typical day moves in a little more detailed from. Looking forward to seeing better versions of yout creative thinkg.

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