Importance of Material Success

All people have dreams and most of those dreams are related to material success. Material success has great influence in our life. Once you gain material success, you need to show it off to others. Indeed, the need of material success in a person’s life is more to show off than to satisfy himself. Then, people will be aware of your value and know that you have become successful in your life. If you don’t fly your own kite, they will think that you are a vain person. I have gotten a clear idea about it by observing my surroundings.

When my maternal uncle was working in a company in Bangladesh, nobody would pay much attention to him. His family was worried about him because he would not be able to make a lot of money if he continued working on that company. Hence, he quitted his job when he found another one in a foreign company in Dubai. After two year when he came back to Bangladesh, our relatives were very curious to know what he brought for his family and how much money he had earned and saved. In addition to, they were also interested to know whether he had brought jewelries and enough money with him to get marry. When they heard that he had brought lots of jewelry and money with him, they realized that he had become a wealthy man. Since then they have always invited him in all kind of meetings if he is in Bangladesh and give importance to his suggestions. This is how; material success has played an important role in my uncle’s life.

Another example is that, whenever I have attended any wedding ceremony mostly in my village, I have seen my mother to wear her gold jewelries. Besides, I have seen all married women to wear their gold jewelries in those wedding ceremonies. That time it has seemed to me funny. However, after reading the play “Death of the Salesman” by Arthur Miller and learning about material success in class, I have understood that those gold jewelries worn by my mother and other women actually represent their wealth. It is necessary for my mother to wear those gold jewelries; otherwise, village people will think that my family has not gain enough wealth despite living in abroad. That’s why it is important to show off material goods so that people don’t think you are a futile person.

Thus, I think if a person cares about social life, he is bound to care about material success since society compels him to do so.


One Response to Importance of Material Success

  1. tdenkar says:

    Hi Nusrat, I agree with you. Material success plays an important role in our life. If a person is wealthy, he is well respected and appreciated in the society. In my community, there are grand festivals where people get a good chance to show off their wealth by wearing intricate and expensive dresses and jeweleries. My mom used to force me to wear all those jeweleries, rings, and earings. It was so troublesome to wear all this heavy stuffs. Moreover, i felt very uncomfortable hanging around with my friends with all those stuffs. For me, as long as i am happy and healthy, i dont care about richness. 🙂

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