Death of a Salesman

In the drama “Death of a Salesman” written by Arthur Miller, we can see the silence role of Happy. The silence role doesn’t mean that Happy was introvert; I meant to say that Happy was indifferent to his family problems. Though he used to settle the quarrel between his father and brother (Willy and Biff) temporarily, he didn’t take these quarrels as serious issue even though he was informed by his mother that Willy was trying to kill himself because of his family problems. He never tried to settle the problem between Biff and Willy permanently. He never thought that he could also help his father to get out of his depression by helping him in economic condition. He kept himself far from his family concerns.

Happy was more concerned about his affairs with girls rather than his father. In one of the events of drama, Willy and Biff were having a quarrel in a restaurant, he rather moved away with girls taking Biff with him. He even didn’t think about his father. Maybe he did so to settle the quarrel between them, but I think there was a better way to do so. He could have been with his father and sent his brother home. It would have been better if he could have thought about his father before those girls. It shows that he was indifferent to his father’s difficulties. Similarly, at the end of the drama when his father drove away with a full speed, and his mother and Biff were worried about his father, he simply said Biff to go to sleep. He didn’t care even his father could die.

 Maybe it was his father default that his father could not give equal attention to his both sons during childhood. During childhood, Willy paid more attention towards Biff as he was good in school. Willy rarely paid attention towards Happy, maybe it was a reason that Happy learnt to make himself far from his family members’ problem. However, I think he had some duty towards his family. He was given less attention in childhood as he was moderate student while Biff was a good student. If he had a desire to be cared by his father, he could have proved himself.

One Response to Death of a Salesman

  1. roksanahasib says:

    Well, i also think the way you think about Happy. I thinkn you have analyzed Happy’s charecter very well. He is, indeed, not so concern about his family or about the relationship of his father and brother. All he mainly cares about is himself. The way he deals with his family problems is very superficial.
    Like you i also think it is because his family didn’t pay much attention to him in his childhood. Therefore, he has failed to create a strong bonding with his family, specially with his father. If he was cared by his parents in childhood like Biff, i also think that he would have been a grown up as a better son than Biff.

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