Dealing with Others

Our actions speak more than words. Whatever we do, the way
we treat others or deal with the situation, should be carried out or done with a
conscious mind. We should not be blinded by a simple reason that brings out false
impression on others which may result in conflict in between individuals. We
are linked to each other– near or far to us, in number of ways. So, before
doing anything we must think how it will benefit and help or harm, hurt, and
affect others.  Anything we do or say
should be carefully dealt for we are not alone in this world; we are dependent
on each other in one way or the other.

There are many of us who do whatever comes in our mind. This
is seen especially when an individual is in anger. Anger takes control over
every emotion and makes the person blind to the situation. And while a person
in anger, all that it results is the devastation is misunderstandings and
later, regret. Just like in the play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller,
Willy– the father, having been fired from his job, after being tired of life and
depressed with the situation, he starts an external marital affair without
thinking its consequences. He acted selfish and just thought for himself only.
Later, it resulted in misunderstanding and a bad relation between him and his
elder son. In the end, he regrets, blames himself for  failing to be a good father, a good guardian,
a good husband, and out of guilt Willy suicides.

The above example illustrates that while doing anything we
should not only think about the present conditions but also the future. We
should analyze what it will bring in the future. We should be really careful,
especially when we are away and in a new place. For instance, here in
university, in between so many individual form diverse culture and background,
with different characters and habits, we are all alone with only friends around
and no family to guide us. The small steps that we take will count a lot in
later life. And this age is a major part in our life, we must think in every
way possible and carryout our decisions and daily dealings for we are in a
stage where we mingle with new people and will have to move on in life along
with them, near or far. And so, the relation and impression that we make now
will make a lot of difference in future.



2 Responses to Dealing with Others

  1. ztandee says:

    Hey Yogeeta,

    Well yes actions do speak louder than words. Certain people are impulsive, they do things without thinking. However, we cannot blame them because that’s how they are. What Willy Loman did was terrible and stupid. And Yogeea, i think he was having an affair because he used to do a lot of business travelling and he felt alone often. So, that lead him to have extra marital affair. And his act was completely selfish. He was not thinking what it would do to his wife? And he was definitely not thinking about his sons.

    So, let us not be selfish or impulsive, as that would be terribly wrong thing to do. Let us study well and analyze carefully before doing something stupid.

  2. Yeah, you are right mis Yogeeta.. THis age of ours is a quite complex phase. Mind says one thing; whereas, the heart says the another. Similarly, people around us make it more complex. I don’ t know if it’s true to everyone or not, but I don’t like to be given advised by anyone. I really don’t like people, who always think what the others are up to. And, yes our present affects our future, but I don’t like to think about future because it makes me feel scared and sometimes I go blank because I don’t know what I’ll be in the future. Hope you are more consious about your future.

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