Similarities between Moon’s Childhood and My Childhood

       When I was a child, my life was a little bit similar to Vasant Moon’s childhood. Consequently, while I was reading the chapter “Heat and Rain,” I was reminiscing about my village and my village life.

       Similar to Vasant Moon, I also used to sleep outside in the veranda with my grandmother where stars were clearly visible. Around ten pm, my mother would come and take me inside the house. While I was sleeping with my grandmother, she would tell me the story of Dhruv tara, the North Star. The story is that Dhruv’s father, Uttanpad, was a king, who had two wives. One was Suniti and the other was suruchi. The king loved Suruchi more than Suniti. Once, Suruchi’s son was sitting on the lap of the king then suniti’s son, Dhruv, came there and began insisting to sit in his father’s lap. By seeing this, Suruchi ridiculed Dhruv. Therefore, to sit in God’s lap, Dhruv prayed to God for many years. Lastly, the God became happy with his prayer, and gave him the highest seat in the heaven where everyone in the world can see him. Since then the North Star, Dhruv, is located in the north side of the sky.

       However, as I am a girl, my childhood was not exactly the same as Moon’s childhood. I had some restriction; for example, as the classes finished, I would have to come to home directly from the school. However, the boys of my village were the same as Vasant Moon. In the summer, they spent their evenings beside mango trees. They threw stones on mangoes to get them. If someone saw them, they started to run away from there. Sometimes, some boys used to come to my garden to steal mangoes.

       In addition, similar to Moon’s village, some monkeys used to enter in our village. They damaged our tiled roofs, so we had to change our tiles to prevent the house from monsoon rain water. These monkeys often ate the mangoes from our mango trees, which annoyed me a lot. Furthermore, similar to Moon’s village, people of our village used to keep water in earthen pots to keep it cold for a long time. The water of those pots was very tasty. Moreover, some people had earthen houses which were cold in summer and hot in winter. However, in these days, everything in my village has changed, and natural beauty has vanished. Moreover, earthen houses are replaced by buildings; earthen pots are replaced by refrigerators.

One Response to Similarities between Moon’s Childhood and My Childhood

  1. auwsohana says:

    very good description Savitri. reading your post I can remember my childhood and village too. I rarely had gone to my village in my childhood, but those days were really enjoyable. in m community situated in the town, we children used to enjoy the summer season and rainy season a lot. however, i agree with you about one thing that thee wee difference between boys’ and girl’s activities.

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