Is committing suicide a good decision?

No matter whether we are in traumatic or heartbreaking situation, I think committing suicide is very illlegitimate solution for our problems. Whenever I heard about suicide cases, I used to feel little sorry for the victims and forget it.  It’s because we are born only once on this watery mother planet and we should make full use of it. Our life is not fully ours. Some part of it belongs to our parents, some to gods, and the rest to us. I think gods send us on this earth for a good purpose. Moreover, our parents have struggled a lot to make us as a good children, obedient student, and loyal citizen. Therefore, we should never forget to think about them.  Being a human, we cannot get rid of birth, aging, sickness, and death. We face many obstacles and distractions in our life that may ruin our life. During such miserable period, we have to be optimist; we should take every obstacle as a challenge that will drive us towards success. We should think about worst situations that seems more terrible and wretched than ours and try to see our problems as a piece of cake. We mustn’t undermine our talents or prodigy under any circumstances.  Moreover, we should turn our deaf ears to cynic people at such moments.

I know practicing what we preach is quite tough, but directly shutting down life without even waiting or thinking about other alternatives is not good. Just imagine what would be the consequences if you commit a suicide? Obviously, it will become hot news for few days; everybody will talk about you and feel sorry for you. However as days goes by there won’t be anyone to lament your absence.  Everyone will be engaged to his or her own life. Even your own beloved ones will forget about you after some years. You will be the greatest loser then.  Therefore, it’s must to abstain ourselves from committing suicide. We should think twice before making suicide plan as our deduction.

When I read the play “Death of salesman” written by Arthur Miller, I remembered about The Joy Club written by Amy Tan. In the “Death of salesman” Willy Loman, one of the main characters in the play, commits suicide in order to help his family; similarly, in The Joy Luck Club, the Mother of two children, An-Mei Hsu who is one of the main characters the story and her brother, commits suicide in order to make An-Mei Hsu’s and her brother’s life bright (270-3).  Both of them died for their family’s happiness but do you think their families’ problems were stopped permanently?  What will their family do if they face the same problem again?
Therefore, I think committing suicide is a permanent solution to our erratic or temporary problems. Say big “No” to suicide.

One Response to Is committing suicide a good decision?

  1. vythai says:

    Dear Om,
    You are such a optimistic person and devout person, and that is really good. However, what happen to the ones who don’t believe in gods. If no one will guide them into the right path, what can they do? And, when someone immediately loses everything they have, can they have enough conciousness to think about other things like they may be think when they are happy. I think the action of commiting suicide first because they want to escape from the miserable world (even before they think about their loved people). There is something that are miserable that the death, don’t you think? And when we commit suicide, it is not always because we want others to think about us. It is like they at least can do something for others. It makes them more happy than live and become a burden to other ones. Of course, I don’t support suicide, but I seem to understand their feeling and I feel sorry for them.

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