Who Is Happy and When?

            Happiness can be defined in many ways.  Generally, it is the feeling that we get when we are satisfied and when our minds are in peace.  We can also be happy when we are not disappointed, worried, irritated or when we do not have any other negative feelings like that. 

            Being happy depends on the individual and the situation.  Therefore, it varies according to person to person.  For example, when I planned to come to AUW, one of my friends asked me if I could manage being in the hostel – out of parents – for a long time, a year or two, continuously.  Of course, this is difficult to me, yet her question is reasonable because I went to see my parents once in a fort night in spite of the fact that my boarding house was located just a small distance from my house.   Of course I enjoy being in hostel and with friends and I enjoy that well.  However I am not happy when I don’t get to see my parents and siblings.  So I sometimes went home when I felt like going home.  Moreover, I used to talk to my parents all most daily when I was in the hostel.  All these reasons made my friend ask me that question.  I replied that I would maximum try to be happy, enjoy well and learn more about the other cultures and etc.  On the other hand, there was a girl in my hostel, who was not even willing to go home even for long vacations!  Why was that? Every one wondered.  Some days later we got to know that she was not happy with her parents and her parents were not happy keeping her stay at home, and that is the reason behind why she had came to the hostel.

            Therefore being happy or not depends on us, the way we look and things.  For example, some optimistic people will really be happy when they see others being happy. However, some pessimistic peoples will surely not feel happy, and perhaps will be annoyed, when they see others being happy, when they see others improving in business and when they see others being healthy and wealthy.

            Therefore, being happy is totally depended on how we think of other things and try to cope even with bad situations.  Therefore, let us all try to make our lives happy and enjoy the life.

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