untouchable colony in my hometown

We are reading the autobiography of Vasant Moon, a scholar person from India. He describes about his childhood in mahar community and how he became success in life in spite of being from untouchable caste. His description about his colony reminds me about the untouchable colony in my hometown and the girls, who were my friends. The community is not far from my home. It is beside of our locality. However, they are not considered equal to us or treated with respect. As they live a huge number of people in a small place and outside of the slum there are a bad ponds full of garbage, it seems very dirty, unhealthy and of course, untouchable. From childhood we have known that they are not acceptable in society like normal people, as their lifestyles are different from us. They follow Hindu religion and their physical structure and languages are different from others. Both men and women are tall and black. Though someone looks like normal Bangladeshi people, his or her voice and tone says that he or she is from the slum. We call them “doom” and their colony is called Doom Para. They do lower class jobs such as sweeper, cleaner, night guard, day labor and dead body dissector. One thing is very much obvious among their society that both men and women do work and contribute in family. As children know those things from childhood, they develop a fare and hatred about them. Moreover, they used to keep pigs as pet in their colony, which seems so much dirty to us. However, I entered in their colony once or twice in my childhood and did not observe anything as I thought to pass the place as early as possible. I did not have any classmate from the colony as I read in private school, but in government school, there were a good number of them. However, they are not so much conscious about education, early marriage and other superstitious beliefs. So it seems that they are still living in past. May be ignorance of society makes them more unconscious. They prefer to get married early and do lower class job rather than studying. When I went to high school, I got a friend from the place. She did not look like them, but her speaking style singed something. I went to their home in the “doom Para” one day and was surprised to see such a neat and clean home with modern facilities. I had not thought that her sweeper parents could build that kind of jobs. As I grew up; I removed the fare about them and had a good relation with the girl’s family. However, though she was the one who passed primary school and entered in high school, she left school after she got married in eighth grade. I was surprised to hear that, her husband was a dead body dissector, which is the best job among them and he needed to drink alcohol for that job. I thought that how could she live with the gruesome drunker man who cut the dead body. I last went to their home when she had a baby boy. She and her family were happy to see me. Moreover, It seemed to me that the colony is being developed. May be one day they will not be discriminated by the society.

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