Response to “My Family”

 “My Family” by Garrison Keillor, is really one of the lovely poems I have ever read. The desires, hopes, dreams and sacrifices we make for our near and dear ones can be felt in this poem. As John had dream of going to Oregon, everyone dreams and hopes to be somewhere at one point of life. The happenings in John and Ruth’s life are a kind of practical in a sense that it happen in most of the people’s lives. Without dreams, life is worthless. It is never wrong to see dreams and have faith in the fulfillment of our dreams. But often, the people we love become our weakness or barrier in the way to achieve our goal. For instance in this poem, John wants to go to Oregon, but due to his wife’s tiredness they stopped their journey. As time passes, they are accustomed to the environment and the people there and Ruth also doesn’t show willingness to go to Oregon. The desire of John to reach and settle in Oregon remains only unfulfilled desire.  He sacrifices his dreams just for the sake of his wife. He has dreamt of this place where he wants to live and to be with his wife. His dreams are incomplete without Ruth’s presence. This shows how the people we love stop us from achieving our goal. Though not intentional, Ruth becomes barrier in John’s path to meet his dream.

After reading this poem I reminisced about my past when I had to sacrifice my dream for my loved ones. Though it is not a big issue but I guess it has great impact on me. While choosing my high school, all my school friends had decided to study in same college together. But due to some family matters, I couldn’t study with my friends in same college and they thought that I betrayed them. I extremely wanted to be with my school friends but family came in between. However, I am happy now because I got to know many other friends and my life wouldn’t have been like this if I was in any other colleges. While coming to AUW as well, the ones whom I love didn’t want me to let go. It was really difficult to make them ready to see me leaving them. I guess our dreams and our love always intersect each other and if one is chosen the other somehow is affected. Looking at myself today, I believe, I have taken the right decision. Though miles of distance are in between, our heart is still connected and I am heading towards my dream as well.   If I had chose to sacrifice my study that time, I wouldn’t have been as happier as I am today.  I am finally leading my way where I have a dream of being successful and being with my loved ones.


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