My thoughts about Happiness

What makes me happy? Many things make me happy. When I listen to music, it makes me happy. I am happy when I listen to the songs that my friends think are “not normal.” Chocolates make me happy. My family and friends make me happy. Honestly, everything makes me happy. I am happy even when I am alone. I enjoy being alone and the feelings that I savor while I am alone make me happy. Most of my friends consider having friends around. They say sharing and talking make them feel better and happy. I do not want to disagree, I do agree, but being alone is not always a “bad thing” either. You can do many things when you are alone. Things that your friends consider “weird,” but which make you happy. I feel it is not necessary to have people hover around you 24/7 to make you happy.

Furthermore, whenever I use the famous old quote, “Health is better than Wealth,” I am filled with guilt. I think, maybe, it is because wealth makes me happy. Not always, but it does to some extent. I guarantee everyone feels the same way. Come on, once you have money, you can buy things that you desire. When you get the things that you desire, it makes you happy. It is human nature. I am aware that wealth does not stay with us for a longer period, but it makes us happy when we take pleasure in the little we have. Of course, I am not saying that health does not matter, it does. I am filled with happiness when I am healthy and strong, for I do not have to take those chemicals and pills.

Do I think happiness is achieved? Well it depends. If you choose to remain happy, you will achieve happiness in everything you do. You will see everything around you beautiful, bright, and happy. However, if you choose to be miserable, you will see the whole thing around you blue and sad. It will make you abhor everything. For example, if you see someone smiling, you will dislike him or her for smiling. It sounds very unnatural, but trust me it happens. It happened to me. If you opt to stay unhappy, the world will not favor with you no matter what you do. Therefore, be happy and choose to be happy no matter how hard life gets. Listen to some good music, go see an awesome movie, and laugh even though it is not funny (do not overdo it though; everything has a limit, right!). These are what I feel like the article “The New Science of Happiness” mentioned, “happiness is inherently subjective” (3).

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Student at the Asian University for Women.

One Response to My thoughts about Happiness

  1. dorjiom says:

    Hi Tandin, I am happy to know that you enjoy being alone because I too started to enjoy being alone after coming to AUW. However, I still remember a text message send to me by most of my friends i.e ” Alone I can only say but together we can shout, alone I can only smile but together we can laugh, alone I can only live but together we can celebrate. That’s being friends.” It’s true right? Therefore, I sometimes love to have fun with our friends. It’s true that wealth give us happiness; however, it will jus fulfill our temporary wants and desire. I heard “Money is a good servant but a bad master” and I think it’s true. Yes dear, nothing is good or bad, it’s our thinkiongh that make the difference. Therefore, lets try to think positive and enjoy our present ok? 🙂

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