My Postponed Dream

While reading the poem, “My Family” by Garrison Keillor, I was deeply touched by the line, “Of dreams postponed and finally lost”. I read this line aloud time and again to understand the underlying pain in this line. I could picture an old man lamenting upon his decision in the past to set aside his dream and settle down before fulfilling his dream. Once we choose to push back our dreams, we can hardly get back to it in the future and often times it is lost. This is similar to the lost dream of John, the old man, in the poem.

While talking about postponed dreams, I remember the time right after my grade ten. I had around three months break before I could go to a higher secondary school. I thought about preserving all the memories of my grandmother, who used to share about her life before I was born. I thought of writing a biography about her, and I used to spend a lot of time listening to her past life. For me, her stories were very unique and I could clearly see the places, pictures, and events in front of my eyes as she used to describe them to me. So one day, I sat down to begin writing about her. I tore many pages and spent five whole hours trying to begin writing about her. Today, I regret for what I did after writing the first page spending five hours on it. I just pushed my notebook aside and thought I would continue it later. Time went on. I never opened the notebook or tried to continue writing. Now, I have forgotten many details of the stories she told me then. In addition, she is ninety-six year old and she has hard time remembering her past life. Even if she remembers, she mixes up one with the other. Thus, I thought that the poet was indirectly referring to me in that very line telling about postponed dreams.

However, after reading the poem, “A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes, a spark of enlightenment ran inside me. I realized that our unfulfilled dreams are stored in our subconscious and they always seek outlet. This also alarmed me not to repress my dream for a longer period of time as it may explode someday. Thus, I plan to fulfill my dream that I had postponed many years back.

4 Responses to My Postponed Dream

  1. phamtram says:

    Dear friend,
    I can understand your sorrow because i am also procastinating one of my dream. However, i think that time will make us mature; indeed, we can think everything thoroughly, or we can get more experiences. As a result, our dreams will have more chances to be successful. Moreover, i want to say that Garrison Keillor’s great grandfather never forgot and gave up his dream. He had been also holding it in his heart, but he sacrificed it with his wife’s happiness. Hope that your dreams are always in your hearts so that one day in the future i can read an autobiography about your grandmother.

  2. auwpriyanka says:

    I remember your telling about me about your grandmother and her stories. Yes, I totally agree with you that the poem alludes to your case because you have postponed fulfilling your dream. However, it is not late as the grandfather in the poem. You still need to have strrong determination and inclination on writing the autobiography. Go forward to it.
    Hope I’ll get to learn it one day in the future.I wish you good luck!

  3. aditi27 says:

    Dear Tram and Priyanka,
    Thank you for both of your inspiring words, and I hope I can begin writing about my grandmother once again.

  4. Dear friend,
    It is not only you who do and feel regret as you have mentioned above. I guess many people in this world leave their work incomplete inspite of having great will to finish that work. I like the way you related this poem to your unfulfill dream. We often tend to capture the memories and emotions in our pictires and writings. It would be a great job if you re-start doing your unfinished work. You will probably feel very happy to be finished with it. It is not too late and as you are willing to continue that once again, I want to wish you luck.

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