I, You and They on “Dead My Old Fine Hopes”

Haiku are also known as Hakku and Haiki in Japanese poetic styles.  It is believed that Haiku were first written in the mid 17th century. The ancient Haiku poems included 17 syllables dividing into three lines of five or seven syllables in each poem (Miner 570). In other words, the ancient as well as modern Haiku now consist of 5-5-2-5 syllables comprising four lines poem, and 5-7-5 syllables as three lines format. Miner, the author of Pound, Haiku and the Image, anticipates that Japanese people are fond of flora and fauna; therefore, the four seasons and other natural elements are used as metaphors to express the mood of the poem (570). Furthermore, the persons inexperienced to Japanese language will get a hard time to understand the Haiku, so most of the Haiku are translated in English so that people whole over the world can comprehend the essence of the poems (571).

Today I would like to present my analyses on the Haiku “Dead My Old Fines Hopes” in 1st, 2nd and 3rd persons’ point of views in a particular situation.

I have lost all my aspirations to live happily with my husband. My hope to achieve love from him is not alive like before, and my circumstances abducted me to dream further. Therefore, now all my desires lack interest. However, deep in my heart I know this is not my long term bad luck. As the dried trees bloom again in spring, my hopes and dreams to live happily with my husband will be fresh and I will find my correct way to get through my difficulties.

Daughter! You tried very hard to get good grades. You studied all night, but you have failed. You dreamed of becoming an architect, but gradually your drawing is losing its life. They are no more vivid as before. However, your will shine again in the next term because this is not the end.  As exams are like a season that comes again and again, and your hard work will be recognized which will build your dream once again.

They pray most of the time and wish for peace in their country. Sometimes their wishes do not become a reality; instead the results are drastically opposite. Then they lose all their hope. Their dreams to live with harmony become dry or fade away. Nevertheless, deep inside their heart they know that wars are not for lifetime; it is like a coldness of winter night which will vanish as the summer approaches. Similarly, their dreams for living in serenity will come true with the time.

Miner, Earl. “Pound, Haiku and the Image.” The Hudson Review Vol. 9 (1957): 570-84. Web. 26 May 2011.


4 Responses to I, You and They on “Dead My Old Fine Hopes”

  1. Hello Ansu Adhikari,
    I liked your post on Haiku. I really appreciate it because once i thought to write on it too but i went blank. The Haiku was small and thought that I wont be able to make around 400 words if i write on that topic. Hehe. But when I read your blog, I got some idea of how I might have written on it. Anyways, I liked how you explain about the Haiku. Really impressive. I didn’t know that Haiku were also called Hakku. You know there was one daku in one of the nepali serial haha.. and his name was Hakku, the black. I used to tease my friend with that name. Your blog reminded me of those days thanx.

    • ansadhikari says:

      Hey Pratibhaman,
      It’s good to hear that my poem has reminded you of your wonderful days. Talking about Hakuu-the black, actually I haven’t seen that Nepali serial, but my friend’s boyfriend’s name is also Hakku and we also tease him by saying Hakku-the black. What a coincidence..hehe..
      Have a good day!!

  2. tausifa says:

    Dear Anshu,
    It’s really a nice interpretation of the poem “Dead My Old Fines Hopes.” Can i add more?
    I felt its every touch in my body. Although i didn’t see my unborn babay, i always dreamed of its innocent smile. Every moment, I heard a fairy was calling me- mom! mom! Then, I heard my little prince (maybe princess) was crying, and i rushed to it, and i fell down from the stair. When i gained my sense, i found myself on the sick bed, and i realized i had an abortion!!! It was a traumatic experience in my life, but you know, spring always comes after rough winter…..now, i am pregnant again, and again dreaming those sweet dreams.

    • ansadhikari says:

      Ohh Tausifee, how can you write something so deeply? I really appreciate your blog posts and each comment too. Your comment has increased the significance of my post, and I really thank you for that. I higly encourage you to continue your writing, which pour your real beauty.
      Have a nice weekend!

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