Untouchables are More Lucky than General People

It seems that untouchables have very miserable conditions. They don’t have any right to touch the belongings of upper class people. If they touch anything, it becomes impure. It was true before 21st century. However, in the modern India, people’s ideas are changing. Upper caste people don’t have any problem to touch lower class people, who are also known as schedule caste or untouchables in our state.

Now, on the contrary, many people want to be in lower caste to get the facilities that the government is provided only to them. Some people also try to make a fake caste certificate of schedule cast or schedule tribe. Today, we can see that many untouchable people are making better money than Brahmans.

Read the folowing fictitious autobiography of a modern untouchable woman of India. After reading it, it will clear that how privileged they are.

I am very lucky that I am an untouchable girl. As my caste is schedule caste (SC), I got many privileges since birth. When I was a child, I got free immunizing injection for different diseases. Moreover, in the school, I got free education with mid-day meal. As that was governmental school, teachers were not sincere enough. Still, I achieved good marks in the 10th standard due to my perseverance. Then, I had an economic problem to continue my higher education. My parents were very poor, so they couldn’t able to give money for my education. Therefore, some older people advised me to get married. However, my parents want me to continue my studies, so they told me to appear in an exam which provides full scholarship for education. Fortunately, I was able to get admission in the city college by the help of the scholarship, which was only for SC students. After completing my intermediate in the city college, I bought a form of All India Engineering Entrance Exam, which was not much costly for schedule caste students. After that I passed the exam in the SC reservation quota in which 30 % seats are reserved for schedule cast and schedule tribe students. One of my friends’ marks is more than mine, but she did not get admission because she was in general category. After completing my four years engineering studies, I became an engineer. Then, I got married with a wealthy person. Now, I am living a happy and prosperous life. This is possible because of the cast through which I got lots of facilities.

One Response to Untouchables are More Lucky than General People

  1. papunauw says:

    Dear Savitri,
    I become totally astonished reading your blog and very delighted knowing that untouchables are getting more facilities than Brahmans.
    But the picture of our country is diffrent from yours. Still now, in my country the discriminations between untouchables and Brahmans are alive. Even so, if a girl or boy of untouchable loves a girl or boy from different casts, they are thrown out from the society.
    You know, I know, everybody knows that – In the world, all the creatures are created by god equally. If we love god, why we cannot touch, ignore his creations. Actually, for this kind of discrimination people are responsible not god. People have created this difference for their self- advantage.
    We want to live in a peaceful planet without any discrimination among people.

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