How to look Happy?

It amazed me when one of my friends in AUW asked, “Why are you always sad?” When I first heard her question, I couldn’t answer at instant because I did not know what kind of answer she was expecting. Some days later, another friend of mine told me that I look “like a robot”. When I first heard that, I could not stop myself from giggling. I asked her about the reason for saying that. She said that I never seem happy. She said that I look like as if I am not happy at all. At first I didn’t think about both of the compliments, but one day I really wished to know by myself if I was really unhappy. I looked myself on the mirror and tried to find out if the feeling of sadness is obvious on my face.

I had never thought about the meaning of happiness in my entire life. Till the day my friends commented on my expression, I had never thought that people can read my face. I did not know what kind of happiness I was searching for. Some days ago, in the library, I found a book called The Art of Happiness by HH Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler. I was curious to find out the happiness that my friends were trying to search on my face. I thought, after reading the book I might be able to learn something regarding happiness so that I would always be the epitome of happiest person in front of others.

When I first read the book, it didn’t hold my interest. For me, it seemed to be written for old people who are sick of their lives. Anyhow, the interview of Dalai Lama by the writer was somehow interesting. The book mostly talked about the meaning of happiness in Buddhism. At the end, I came across with some important skills to adapt with for a happy life. For example, I learned that happiness is achieved when there is no suffering, but as it is impossible to escape from suffering, we can’t be happy each day. Similarly, we can identify whether we are happier than other people or not by comparing ourselves with those who have been suffering through poverty. If we compare ourselves with them, we could identify who is happier. Furthermore, it is always helpful to train our mind to think positive and adapt the human nature around us.

After reading the book I really didn’t get what I was looking for, but it really helped me to enhance my knowledge regarding happiness. However, when I got to read the article about the 20 ways for happiness distributed in our Reading and Writing class, I found the thing that I had been searching for, the thing without which I looked like a person with no happiness. The thing that was missing in my face was ‘Smile’. Yeah! Now I’m damn sure that those friends will never ask me whether I’m happy or not.Thanks to Miss. Fatema for providing us that article, it really helped me.

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2 Responses to How to look Happy?

  1. Masooma says:

    Dear Pratibha,
    I am really happy you feel you found what is missing about your expression that makes other find you unhappy. You say it is smile. But, smile needs some inner source of happiness as an incentive; otherwise, it would be a faked smile. Without knowing what is one’s real source of happiness and motive to live a happy life, I don’t think that smile would last for a long time. I already see you smile everyday that I think you are a calm and peaceful person. But what have you asked yourself what makes me smile and happy? If yes, then continue to promote it and live happy forever. If not, search for it and follow it as the most important goal of your life.

  2. ansadhikari says:

    Dear Chuchaman,
    I enjoyed reading your blog, and who said that you are not happy. I find you a happy person; however, it is true that you smile occasionally. I would also like to see the smile on your face often. Yes, I do also agree that when we compare ourself with others then we can never be happy. In my case, the day when I compare with others, then I will ruin my entire day being sad. Besides, I would like to know about the happiness that you read on Dalai Lama’s book. I can say it must be very good. Okay smile always and ofcourse don’t forget to laugh with your funny giggling sound.
    With love,

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