Happiness is the state of being happy.  It can have different connotation to different people. Something that makes me happy may not make you happy.  For example, my friend associate happiness with eating ice cream, but her concept doesn’t apply for my definition of happiness. For me, I feel that happiness is when I am free of anxiety, stress, tensions, and depression. In short, a peace of mind is happiness. Sometimes, making others happy also brings happiness. For example, I got a beautiful bracelet, and my friend got an unattractive bracelet. When I gave her mine, she became happy, which made me feel happy as well.

People often equate happiness with wealth. Can wealth be regarded as a way to acquire happiness? No, it is not. Even if you are a billionaire, you won’t enjoy the delight of happiness. Ironically, cynical people believe that all rich people are very miser and self indulgent. Their greediness never leaves them to rest at peace. They always ascertain for a strategy to increase their richness.  The more they become wealthy, the less happiness they get in their lives. However, some people seem really happy because of their wealth. I see them enjoy every bits of life. As long as they have money, they are indifferent to problems and troubles. However, quite often, they lose their happiness due to some chaos in friendship and love affairs. So, this indicates that no matter how much rich you are, it doesn’t mean that you are happy.

Happiness is what we make out of ourselves. Happiness is something that isn’t tangible. Here is an anecdote I got from the Indian Newspaper called The Speaking Tree. “Once there was a kitten that chased her tail all the time. One day, an old wise cat saw her. He watched the kitten for some time and then asked her why she was chasing her tail so much. The kitten gave a shrewd answer saying she was finding happiness because her mother told her she would find happiness in her tail. Upon hearing it, the wise cat advised her not to chase the tail because the more you run after your tail, the faster it will run away from you. Don’t chase your tail, it would follow you. And the old cat walked away with wagging his tail.” This tells us that happiness is not something that can be caught and kept with us forever. Be happy and cheerful, you are sure to get happiness.

3 Responses to Happiness

  1. vythai says:

    What a beautiful feeling about happiness you thought! You left me another thought of the existence of happiness. Indeed, there are alot of things making us happier but we haven’t notice yet. I feel the life is so short that there is no space for sorrow and depression. Let’s make our life more beautiful by thinking such a good idea. Be happy with every thing we have because there are many others are miserable than us. Am I true? Do you agree with me? I am looking forward to listening to your thought. By the way. I think Tasnia’s blog is as positive as yours. Would you like to read hers?

  2. Dear Tshering,

    The way you have described your happiness is really nice. I enjoyed reading your post, and I agree with you, too. The definition of happiness really differs from person to person. It is really appreciable that you get happiness when you make others happy. Really, happiness is not something that we can keep it with you forever. Life is always not full of happiness. In my view, happiness is satisfaction. If we are satisfied with what we have, we are happy. Human beings have infinite dreams and according to time our dreams becomes bigger and bigger. So, the definition of our happiness changes according to our needs and desires. The best way to become happy, in my view, is to be satisfied and be happy with what we have. It does not necessarily mean that we must not dream. We must dream, but at the same time we should try to fulfill our dream with hard work and strong willingness. Fulfilling our dreams by working hard makes our dreams more important, and we can gain happiness.

    Digya Shrestha

  3. iratahmid says:

    Dear Tshering,
    Well done Tshering. You wrote the same thing that I believe. Happiness is not same for all. Rich people are never being satisfied with their wealth. They want more and more .Therefore, they remain unhappy during their life. Moreover, I love most that indicate how our happiness hides behind trivial maters in our daily life activities. You blog is interesting. I suggest you to read vythai’s blog. I am sure that you will find that interesting too.

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