I have always thought that poems are a set of lines that makes a long paragraph along with some rhyming words which makes the sentences sound more musical and the words carry deep meaning. But after being introduced to Haiku—a short 5-7-5 syllable poem, I found it more interesting. It’s a short poem that indicates a specific meaning with the use of limited words. There were multiple haikus discusses in class and below is an example of one among them:

Silence around us

Our watchful eyes hear the world

Hands do the talking.

                                -Jenifer Verginia

The meaning that I can derive from this piece of haiku is that what we see is the result of what we do. Our eyes see and hear the world. The eyes know what’s happening in and around us. The eyes see the things around us happening, changing, creating, effecting, and dying. The eyes also hear and see good and the bad, the new and the old, the eyes see much more than what we hear and it is our hands that are either responsible for these or it is our hand that makes all these thing happen. Our eyes see it and out hands respond to it, the hands do the talking. This particular haiku includes the line on the top, “Silence around us,” which, I believe, is written in the point of view of a deaf person or a person who sees the world around us as silent place. And the happenings in and around him/her are all seen and heard by the eyes and the hands respond to it, in one way or the other.

It also indicates that though we know what we are doing and what its consequences are, we still ignore them. Since the eyes that see and the hands that react are of the same person, the realization and the reaction are perceived by us. For example, let’s take the current issue of the Global warming, we know that we should not pollute the environment and stop the practice of deforestation, over use of natural resources and other such activities that harm the environment, but we keep on continuing it just for our benefit without thinking for the after effects and not thinking for the future. Another simple example can be the act of “Procrastination.” Though we know that it is not good to procrastinate our work, but we still keep the work for some other time and later we regret for doing it.

One Response to Haiku

  1. I was also not familiar with the term “Haiku”. After reading it, I find it very interesting as well as useful. I found it simple and effective way to express the feelings. It just contains few words, but expresses a lot of things. It just includes few numbers of words, but can give hint to a large number of ways of predictions or assumptions. So, it is really amazing way to express feelings.

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