Feeling unhappy? Tired? Frustrated? Want to be happy? Try It!!!

             In my “Academic Reading and Writing” class, our teacher is teaching us about happiness. We have read a time magazine article titled as “Health and Happiness”, where the author has given some tips to be happy. According to the article, counting your blessings in life, hearing music, nurturing your spirituality, moving your body, laughing big, doing something nice for someone else, making more money than your peers, seeking positive emotion, identifying with your heritage, using a happy memory as a guide, play the part of an optimist, trying new things, telling your story to someone, balancing work and home, making time, smiling etc. There is no doubt that these tactics can necessarily make a person happy.

            Today, I am writing this blog entry to introduce another exceptional way to be happy that I learned last term from the novel The Joy Luck Club, and that is fung shway! It is a Chinese tradition of bringing peace, happiness, balance and harmony to your life by rearranging elements and objects in your home or workplace. Although there is no scientific reason behind this idea, I personally believe it really does work. I want to give the tips to my friends how you can be happy using the idea of fung shway, and I can guarantee that you will feel happy.

            Are you devastated after breaking up with your boyfriend? Felling bored with tedious class work? Felling frustrated after getting bad grade? Do you want a change in your daily life style? If your answer is “yes” for any of the above questions, fung shway is for you!!!

          What you have to do first is to choose a day. You can choose your week-ends. On the fixed day, get up earlier than you do in your typical days. It’s better if you start the day saying your prayer. Then, take your breakfast, and start arranging your room. First, keep all the furniture out of the room, and then clean the whole room. Clean every corner including the ceiling, window, and the fan too. Also, clean your wash room and the veranda attached to your dorm. Next, arrange the furniture in the room in a different way than it was before. Now, keep your things in the shelf or locker in an arranged way. Spray air-freshener if you want to. You can also hang a few paintings on the wall, or you can buy a flower vase, and keep some colorful flowers in it. Don’t forget to use a clean colorful bed cover on your bed. Make sure that you keep your furniture in a way that there are enough light and air in the room.

             Now, you have finished your own fung shway! Don’t you feel happy now?  You will feel more happy taking a cool refreshing bath after all these hard work. Also, dress up yourself nicely for the day. How are you now? Let me know. 🙂

3 Responses to Feeling unhappy? Tired? Frustrated? Want to be happy? Try It!!!

  1. vythai says:

    Dear master,
    I am a kind of pessimist person, so when I am sad, even though I arrange my room many times, no better feelings come to me. It makes me feel worse because I haven’t solved my real problems. I just feel more comfortable when I was in a clean house, and I fotget that depression when I do the cleaning. However, when I finish, I come back to the first feeling. What can I do now? Can you help me?

  2. phamtram says:

    Thanks for your advice. I think your tactic is really effective. However, it is very difficult for me to have zeal to do Feng Shui because in boring days, i just want to lie and lie. Therefore, can you think other strategies to encourage me to like doing execises?

  3. Hi Tajalli:
    You wrote a very good tactic to be happy. Do you know why it is works? There are many reasons behind this. One of the reason is when we do a lot of work, we got tired. Then, we go to take bath after dong the laborious work. After taking bath we feel very fresh, and when we come back to the room, we feel very happy to see the different look of our room. This is possible due to our hard work, so it is like a success in our work. Therefore, we become happy by seeing our success. Every time hard work gives pleasure to us.
    Thank you

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