Dreams, Happiness and Health

        The definition of happiness differs from one person to other. The thing that makes me happy may not make others happy. It depends on ones taste.  For me, accomplishing my tasks , preparing myself  for  my goal, and dedicating myself for my parents brings me happiness. Actually, I believe the other name of happiness is satisfaction. I have seen lots of people who have everything including money, higher position in the society and reputation, but still they are not happy. I think, the only reason for not being happy is their dissatisfaction. Correspondingly, dreams are also varies from person to person. Planning for my future is my dream.

       I think that Dreams and happiness are closely related to each other. In the poem “Dreams”, Langstone Hughes compared life and dream with a bird and its wings respectively. When bird has wings it can fly, but when it does not have it can’t. Similarly, dreams works as winks in human life. Dream motivates human to move forward to fulfill his goals. Without dreams no changes come in their life. People lose their interest to live and lead their life without any excitement. On the other hand, by fulfilling their dreams people acquire satisfaction and happiness.

         His other poem clarifies this idea more clearly. In the poem “Dream Deferred” the poet shows the consequences of ignoring dreams. According to this poem, when one ignores his dreams for a long time, they became dry. They no longer remain fresh; in other words, they lose liveliness. As time goes dreams become burden in their life. At any time, they forfeit from their dreams and by compromising with their life, they try to be happy. However, dreams never die. They only hide somewhere in their hearts.

          Happiness is also interconnected with health. There is an old saying that “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”.  Scientifically, it is proved that a happy person can have a good health. According thing the article “Health and Happiness”, laughing loudly that brings tear is good for heart (2). That article also mentioned that smiling alleviates the pressure upon human mind and makes them feel easy (6).

           Lastly, it is clear that how dreams, happiness and health are indispensible element in our life. Therefore, don’t let your dreams go because if you have dreams you will learn to live.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

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