Can All Dreams Bring Happiness???

We should have dreams or goals in order to live. Dreams help us to reach to the destination; they help us to move forward. Without dreams, life becomes hopeless and meaningless. Among all dreams, we should hold some of them, whereas give up others. It is because all dreams can bring satisfaction but can’t bring happiness.

If our dreams are related to our happiness and self-satisfaction, we should stick with them. For example, think about career. If your dream is to become a scientist, you should hold it. You should work hard to fulfill it. It is flagrant that you will face difficulties. In fact, in order to achieve something in life, everybody encounters obstacles. Only those people who are adamant to fulfill their dreams succeed to reach to their destination; others fall apart. Hence, if you are stubborn to become a scientist, you will definitely become successful. You will be satisfied and happy. But can career always make us happy? I don’t think so. Think about the daughters of the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. Their dream was not to have a life like their Chinese mothers who were housewives. They wanted to become self independent; they wished to have a profession like their fathers. They never preferred to become a housewife. Hence, they were successful; they accomplished their dreams. Nevertheless, were they happy? They weren’t because they had hard times with their boyfriends or husbands. For example, Ying-ying had a good job, but her marriage life was imbalance. Thus, she wasn’t happy at all. For this reason, I believe in order to be happy our surroundings have to be in balance.

Moreover, I think sometimes we should give up some of our dreams. For example, in the poem “My Family” by Garrison Keillor, Garrison’s great grandfather gave up his dream of building a house in Oregon, a state that was like a star to him. He also dreamt to live in that house with his beloved wife. He was a traveler, whereas his wife wasn’t. As a result, after three weeks of starting journey to Oregon, she became tired. He understood that his dearest wife wouldn’t be able to continue the journey to Oregon. Besides, he couldn’t live without her even though he built a beautiful house in Oregon. Thus, he relinquished his dream and built house in Wobegon instead of Oregon. Although, he couldn’t accomplish his dream, he had a happy life. He lived happily with his wife until his death. Therefore, I believe dreams and happiness are slightly related to each other. We should hold those dreams that will retain happiness till our end.

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