Be Happy Always

          Reading the article “The New Science of Happiness” I started to ponder in myself what happiness actually means for me. Eventually I have come up with the answer which I like to share with everyone.

          Happiness is satisfaction. When a person is happy with himself or herself, with whatever he or she has, that person is certainly happy. In my life, I have seen many persons who are unhappy in spite of having all the things that are enough to make a parson’s life happy. It is because those people are not satisfied with whatever they have. When they get more they start to want more. I am not saying that a person shouldn’t have desire or aim to get the best. It’s good to have dreams, wishes, and aims as these things make us happy and give us inspiration to go on in life. However, I also think that a person shouldn’t get over obsessed about his or her aim, desires, and wishes and makes these the main motive of living. When a person does that and fails to achieve those things, it becomes the reason of his or her misery.

          Happiness is to think about what one has, not about what one doesn’t have. There is a story I have heard from my mother when I was child that I like to share with everyone. Once there was a poor man sitting beside a street and grieving about his miserable poor conditions. He was crying and saying that he is so poor that he didn’t even have the money to buy a sandal that he could wear to save his feet from the heat of the street of summer. He was wondering about why god is so unfair with him. In the main, he saw a man crossing the road who didn’t have legs. Seeing that the man stand up, wept his tears, and started to smile thinking that he is lucky and happy enough, at least, to have legs to walk on. Therefore, whenever one gets unhappy and regrets that why anything worse happens to him or why he or she has failed, one should always look down to the people who are facing the worst than him or be happy by consider the fact that things could have been worse than this.

          Happiness is a feeling that needs to be felt. It is an idea that needs to be thought. We need to think ourselves happy in order to be happy. It we can do so, we will be able to find happiness in every simple thing or we could be happy even without any reason..

One Response to Be Happy Always

  1. Masooma says:

    Dear Roksana,
    I enjoyed reading your post about happiness, and I think your mother’s story contains a very important lesson about life and happiness as you mentioned. Sometimes, I think it is part of the nature of human beings to have unlimited desires that can never be fulfilled. Which is sometimes good, as you said, trying to fulfill their desires helps humans to go on in their life. However, sometimes it turns out to steal happiness from them, the happiness that comes with the feeling of satisfaction with what you are and what you have in life.

    I hear many people associate satisfaction with happiness, which is true in many cases. But in my opinion, it is also important to think about how and when we feel satisfied in our life. What if we set high goals and never reach them? In that case, do we still feel satisfied and happy? It also depends on whose expectation from ourselves we try to meet. In another word, which one is more important: Our expectation from ourselves or others’ expectation toward us? So, in order to remain happy forever, we should think how we could feel happy even in the time when it seems impossible to reach our goals. Personally, when I fail to achieve my goal, first I do not lose hope and do stop trying, and second I tell myself I have worked hard and tried my best, so as far as I haven’t waste my time, I have lived a valuable life, and then I feel satisfied.

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