Achieving Dreams

In the poem, “My Family,” the Garrison Keillor talked about dreams through the story of his family. Although his grandfather desired to move to Oregon, he accepted his circumstances and temporarily conceals his dreams at the bottom of heart. I was surprised by the fact that he still wanted to be buried in that beautiful land. His determination and dedication remind me of my aunt’s favorite saying: regardless of rigors and obstacles, we should always endeavor to hold on and pursue our dreams. I like the idea that the author wants to express in the last two part of the poem. Usually, our wishes are bright and beautiful that we want to accomplish or fulfill them as far as we could. The further the distance between reality and dreams is, the more attractive the dreams are. They are like an incentive to encourage us to move forward in our lives. Dreams are diverse among people, and each person has their own view about what they what to obtain. The grandfather’s dream can be so strange, even it is meaningless to others; however, through his eyes, he can find it so significant and adorable. If the grandfather in the poem fails to catch his dream in his life, there will also be other ways for those whose yearnings haven’t fulfilled yet. I have contrived a situation of a girl, whose dream is also stamped out, but she knows how to make it work in her real life. If we really desire to do something, nothing can prevent us from accomplishing it. I want to tell a story of that girl who successfully keeps her wishes but still make others happy.   

            My friend

One of my best friends, Tho,

Who had always wished to be

An artist or a good teacher,

Had always studied diligently.

Being so sensitive, she, too, liked drawing

She liked to put all her skies,

All her emotions into her paintings

Through them, she liked to record all her life.

One day her mother cried and said

“I am sorry, but I cannot help,

You know, our money was not enough

To endure what to want to have

After twelve, you may have to stop.”

Being so shock, she cried and smiled in grief

“I will study hard if you I’m in my path

I’m gonna help you when my dream is achieved

I promise to give you a better hand

You will not be ashamed of me, indeed.”

Her relatives started to give their claims

“Please, you should understand our fate,

We want you good, but we can’t afford

Enjoy your life, before you get to another gate.”

Now, she has completed her school

But still, she keeps the dreams in her life

She is teaching the kids with best skills

Besides her work, the work of a tailor.




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