My little confusion…

Dreams, hopes, aims, and goals are the main foundations of our life without which we may not have successful life. I dream a lot both day and night. However, my dreams are usually limited to my temporary desire. To be candid, I’ve never dreamt about my future career. I just tried to grab some of the important opportunities that are found on my way, and I just went wherever my fate has taken me. I still wonder where my fate will take me and how long will I stay on this watery planet. However, after reading some poems related to our dreams and hopes, I started pondering about my dreams and hopes. I tried to compare and contrast some of the poems and I got stuck in between two of them, “Dreams” and “My Family”.

According to the poem “Dreams” written by Langston Hughes, we should have dreams, and we should work towards achieving our dreams. It says that if we don’t have dreams or if we let go our dreams, our life will become like a “broken-wing bird” (3), or like a “barren field” (3), which means we won’t have successful or colorful life in the future. Rather, it will become meaningless and absurd.

However, in the poem “My Family” written by Garrison Keillor, Keillor’s great grandma’s husband, John, gives up his dreams for his wife’s happiness. Although, he kept his dreams alive inside his heart, he stopped working towards achieving his dreams. His dreams remained unrevealed until it’s too late to be disclosed.

Even though, John didn’t work towards achieving his dreams, it’s not mentioned that he had an unsuccessful life. In fact, it seems he had spent a good and long life with his beloved wife. For example, John and his wife lived forty years together in a farm where they made their own home (36-40).

Therefore, my confusion is, if we don’t hold to our dreams or if we don’t dream and stop working towards achieving it, will our life become vulnerable and worthless just like it’s mentioned in the poem “Dreams” or will it be “beautiful” as mentioned in the poem “My Family”?

What do you, my dear friends, think??

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