The Road Not Taken

As the speaker of the poem “The Road Not Taken” written by Robert Frost gets confused about choosing the right path for the rest of life, we also sometimes get into similar condition (1-4). As being human, we get lots of choices in our lives. The selection of right choice leads towards happiness, while the selection of wrong path leaves us with lots of problems. It is obvious that we human are not capable of visualizing the future effects of all kinds of our decisions, but we can surely get some knowledge from the experiences of our elders.

It is often said that teenage is the right age of taking the main decision of our life. In teenage, we get two options: one option leads towards our bright future, while the other destroys our whole life. It is often observed that the negative path lure teenagers quickly as it provides temporary happiness which last for few moments. For examples, in current situation, large numbers of teenagers use drugs which may temporary relieve them from their anxiety, but these drugs make them susceptible towards number of diseases and make them incapable of thinking about their future for the rest of the life. In contrast, the positive path is hard to follow as it requires lots of devotions. Though we need to work hard to follow the positive path, if we have strong desire to do something in our life, and be a successful people, we can easily get into the right path. For that we should always follow the positive path as shown by our parents. Parents always show the right path to their children. So, we should never doubt on suggestions of our parent and follow them so that we never fail to choose the right path in our life, and suffer throughout the life.

2 Responses to The Road Not Taken

  1. fmoriam says:

    I support your thought. I don’t totally agree with you. Sometime we are betrayed by our fate. Even if we follow the right path, it doesn’t lead us to our goal sometime. It happens because of the irony of fate. Again, you said, “Parents always show the right path to their children.” Is it really true? It’s true that our parents always want our betterment and that’s why they want us to follow the right path. For this reason, even if we listen to our parents, not necessarily w succeed.

  2. phamtram says:

    Dear friend,
    You are correct to say that we should obey our parents because they are prudent. However, i wonder if we choose to give up our dreams so that we can obey them. If we want to be teachers, but they hope us to be doctors, what should we do??? Is it wrong to pursue our interest? Is it always correct to obey your parents?

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