“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you”

“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you” (Hafiz).

When we discussed the meaning of happiness in class, students unanimously said that happiness is the result of satisfaction. However, satisfaction can be in two forms. First, people may lack something and make effort to get that. By reaching to that point and goal, they will become happy. For example, as the humans in the new world that almost every success and achievement is linked with money, many people try to earn money, as much as they can. They work their fingers to the bone to make their ends meet. They go to work early in the morning and return home late at night, while they do not have energy enough to share their feelings, thoughts and dreams with their families. They get tired of work, become exhausted; consequently, they cannot bear anything at home, even their children’s voice playing and laughing. Sometimes they might be so tired that shout at their children when children ask them to play. In this situation, how can they be hopeful to find happiness? Their lives go on when they have thrown their happiness far from themselves and then chase it to catch. Just some years later, when these young couples become middle aged, they will regret for not spending their past life happily. They will have spent their lives seeking for happiness when their lives were the epitome of happiness and they were not aware of that. They loose their youth, the moments that they could laugh and be happy. As a result, I believe that the second way of satisfaction, being happy for what they have now,  is better and more logical. The proverb “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Can show this idea very well. People should try to look at their current lives. The good things they already have and the bad things they do not have can be the good reasons for being happy. This idea not only does not defer people from having dreams and making efforts to achieve them but also by giving them happiness, reinforces power and motivation to find the great and greater happiness. In short, what I believe is that happiness is around all only if they be more careful and sees it. If people imagine their happiness far-fetched and go to find them, happiness will go further and further. Therefore, they will lose their current and future happiness.


3 Responses to “Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you”

  1. yogeauw says:

    Zarah, your article is interesting and I likes that you mentioned the point that people get frustrated to get their happiness and they are not able to give proper attention to their family and friends.

    I liked the second point that you mentioned about the happiness– Being happy with what you have. That’s a very good thought and I appreciate it. Being happy with the current life and taking things in a positive was is also a way from which we get happiness. We don’t have to wonder around in search of it.

  2. ztandee says:

    Hello Zahrah,

    You are very right about the happiness. Why does everyone thinks satisfaction bring happiness? And why does everyone works so hard. I wish they could take it easy. Happiness will not go anywhere, it will find you one day, or maybe you will find happiness some day. It is one way or the other, right? I wish people could just take a moment and ponder, happiness is something important, but is it worth it if one is too busy looking for it, avoiding the other necessary things in life. And yes @Yogeauw, i agree with you, we don’t have to wander around in search of happiness, positivity is also a way of acquiring happiness.
    To sum up, if you are not in a good mood or unhappy, listen to some good music. You have no idea how music soothes me. 🙂

  3. shinyday14 says:

    Hello my dear friends,

    Thank your for your good comments. since I have seen some of you showed interest in the quote, I have attached a link in this comment. Through this link you can find some information about Hafiz or Hafez, the Iranian poem. In addition, you can try how to take fal. You can click of the Fal option and sea your answer in English and Persian.
    Wish you a good answer! 🙂

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