Open Your Eyes through Education!

A mother was so anxious about her only child’s sickness. She did not know what she could do for him. She was so poor and helpless. She had not enough money to give her child a better medical treatment. However, it was not possible for her to tolerate her child’s sufferings anymore. From her neighbor, she heard that there was a woman in nearby village who was famous in that area to cure people by exorcise. In return, she just received money or gold. The mother was so convinced by her neighbor’s words that she went to that village to meet with that woman. The woman told her to bring her child in her room and lock the door. The mother did so. The woman took a broom and thrashed the child with it. The child was only six years old. He was very sick to tolerate the pain of beating by the broom on him. The mother asked the woman why she beat her child in such a rude way. The woman told her that she was doing so because that child was possessed by an evil spirit and that was why he was not cured for a long time. She was beating him to frighten away that spirit as if it would go away from the child. She beat the child about fifty times. When the sick child became senseless, she told the mother she accomplished her task to run away the evil spirit. The mother gave her one thousand taka which she saved for her child through her hardship. The mother trusted the woman, but it was shocking to her when her child died at night.

It is just an imaginary story.I got the idea for writing this story from the first chapter of the autobiography Growing Up Untouchable in India by Vasant Moon where Ragho’s wife betrayed the woman as she possessed by Matamai, a goddess, because they were not educated to catch her trick. Still in many areas in this world, many uneducated, poor people are constantly being betrayed by some persons who present themselves as powerful to give them the solutions of disease or personal problems. They are used to tricking simple and uneducated people for earning money. However, the consequence of that type hypocrisy is dangerous. If we do not fulfill the theme of the slogan ‘education for all’, various superstitions and awkward beliefs among the uneducated people will lead them into the black world where they cannot see anything with their open eyes.

4 Responses to Open Your Eyes through Education!

  1. phamtram says:

    Dear friend,
    Your story is so touching. It reminds me about poor and illiterate people in the world. They die not only by their poverty but by their ignorance. How to help them? How to rescue them from deceptive magics? Should we kill all the people who are so malicious to take money of these people? Shoule we shout at these people’s stupidness? Like you, I think that the only way is to give them basic education to refute so-called super power. Do you want to join with me on the way to open their eyes?

    • samia71 says:

      My answer is obviously ‘yes’!! Your comment is so constructive to understand the whole situation in a brief way. I think it is one of the dangerous problems in the ‘third-world’ where we live in. People are tricked by other people by showing their ‘super-powers’ which are claimed as they get it from dream or somewhere else. What type of situation is it? It is very necessary to spread the light of knowledge in least, yes, the basic knowledge or counseling which can make the ignorant people understand that what they are doing seems ridiculous, and it is also harmful. Hope we can make a project plan in our undergraduate level regarding that! We are all looking forward to fulfill our dream of establishing a superstition-free world…………and we can try for it!!

  2. meihuilan says:

    I like the way of your writing – telling a beautiful story to reveal the ugly aspect of the society, from which the importance of education is shown. Since the development of education is usually related to economy, polity, and culture, it is absolutely difficult to make education be accessible to all the people in the world. However, just as what you said, we should try, at least we have dreams and hopes, which may give us the power to make a difference.

  3. shinyday14 says:

    Hello my friend and thankyou for your story. although, you had mentioned that your story was only an imaginary one, it is undeniable to the same happens in some societies. Reading about these stories gives you a feeling of hatred and wondering. You become indignant when you see the people who are supposed to take one burden of the society’s, of the poor people’s shoulder, are abusing their believes and faith. However, this is not fair to forget about the other side, the people. In today world that some people even do not believe in any god or superpower, some others not only believe in them but also have given up their logic and minds to them. Instead of thinking logically and finding a good and handy solution for their problems, they just stick to the superstitions. Beating a little child to scare the devils inside his body makes nonsense for me. Despite that some may say we do many things following our religions and believes, I would like to say even in your religion you can find any kind of logic behind them. While in this story we see the mother who gets her children beaten to save his life, and that’s what make the confusion. How can being beaten be a good idea to rescue someone from death? In my idea, until there are people who do not think of the reason of their deeds, only because they believe in something or someone else, also others want to take the advantage of their simplicity and over honesty.

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