According to Vasant Moon’s concept about Untouchables, the Brahmans were considered pure and the best, whereas Untouchables were considered impure and the lowest (ix). The people who were born impure by birth and were offered low leveled jobs were considered as Untouchables and they were looked down upon the society.

Caste system existed almost in many parts of the world in the past and it does exist in some few countries presently. More specifically, it was a very common system in India. The caste to which they belonged was considered very important in their daily lives. People looked at the caste to which a person belonged in order to give their daughter’s or son’s hand in marriage. If either the boy or the girl weren’t from the same caste, they weren’t allowed to marry even if they loved each other desperately. In this kind of cases, the couples have chances of committing suicides or eloping away from their families and their society for the sake of their love. Thus, the caste system derived the rights of the children to marry the love of their life.

We are all human beings. We live in the same planet.  We breathe in the same air. Also, not only the Brahmans but also the Untouchables need to depend on food and water for survival. So why do the inequality exist? Is it necessary to create inferiority and superiority in the society leading to various problems and chaos? Is a racial and ethnic division vital for the maintenance of society? Why can’t everyone be treated equally and enjoy a peaceful surrounding?

It is good that the custom of referring to someone as an Untouchable is abolished. How can people live their lives if the superior groups dominate each and every corner of their lives?  While watching Bollyhood movies, I had seen several disadvantages of people from low caste faced in the society. Even an old man had to respect a child belonging to high caste groups. Those people had to perform low status jobs.

 We live in a world where we are exposed to various aspects of lives.  Don’t be selfish and praise about your superiority. Let us all think in a way that can bring peace, equality, and harmony to the society. Forget the questions of class and race to which a person belongs. Accept the person as he or she is not as what caste or race he or she belongs to.

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