To live is to choose.

In the poem, “The Road Not Taken,” Robert Frost stated clearly the thoughts, feelings, and anxieties of a person who is facing a dilemma. After looking at and analyzing two roads representing two choices, the speaker chose the one that seemed to be eccentric and strange to him or her. In fact, with the interest in exploring and learning, he or she preferred the one that was “less travelled by” although it might be more difficult and dangerous than the other. Moreover, understood that when a decision was made, it couldn’t be made again, the speaker always endeavored to be satisfied with and responsible for what he or she had chose.

Like the speaker, we human beings also cannot escape from making decisions in our lives. Indeed, our lives are chess matches, and we are players of these matches; therefore, we always have to decide which pawns will go next. Also, we cannot stop the matches until their ends, the ends of our lives.  We may be confused, frustrated, or worried about the advantages and disadvantages of each pawn, but we cannot choose more than one. In addition, we have to make our own decisions; others can only give us advice and suggestions. We can make the right choices, or we cannot. However, at the ends of our lives, we can sigh because at least we have the abilities to decide the road of our lives.

Regarding the old, young, girls, or boys

No one can be exempted from choices.

Zeus even has to make his own voice

To support his wife or the mother of the boy

Who has saved him from his dead-point.


Therefore, don’t find ways to ignore or hide,

However try to show our strength and pride

So that every last decision often might

Be the one that makes us satisfied

Though we can’t say its results will be nice.


And after choosing one in the dilemma,

Never look back and hope we can be able

To return in the past and make another

But endeavor to become responsible

For what we have chosen forever.


Also, learn that to live is to choose

So try to pick the right one through

Considering bad and good between two

So that our lives will be sewed

In cloth and fabric that are cute.



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