The Roads I Have Taken

In the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, the speaker, who is a traveler, faced a dilemma – he had to choose one of the two roads in front of him to continue his journey. Finally, he chose the one that few people had traveled, which made his journey differ from others’.

In the process of making the decision, the speaker seems confused, apprehensive, and perhaps, a little sad, which is shrewdly described by Frost with the scenes of nature.  When I read the poem, I could not help thinking the decisions, most of which are related to education, I have made in my life. When I was seven, being the only child who attended primary school in my village, I chose to continue my studies, although there were some difficulties. Five years after that, I arrived at another fork – whether attend the local middle school or one far away from home. Then, I chose the latter one. After graduating from high school, again, I got another dilemma; I received the permission of AUW as well as the one from Yantai University in China. Finally, I walked on the road to AUW. It seems that I am a lucky girl, and the choices I have made seem to be wise. However, I also have paid a lot for the choices I made. The felling of loneliness, sadness, and helplessness has created the most difficult time on the way of my journey. Sometimes, I turn around and look back. All the footprints on the road have contained my sweats, tears, and even blood. Then, I would spend a moment to think that if I didn’t choose those roads, what would happen. However, I have never regretted any decision I have made, as I know even though I can go back to the forks again in my imaginations, I will never go back in reality, never.

Therefore, I will continue exploring my journey and making decisions with my own judgement, although I may stop to look at other people sometimes. Hopefully I will have a happy time on the roads I have chosen or I may choose in the future. Just as what Frost says, “I shall be telling this with a sigh” (16), and “that has made all the difference” (20).





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