The Road Not Taken

In the poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, the speaker is in dilemma on choosing a right road to travel. He has two alternatives, but does not know where they would lead. He is in confusion and finally makes up his mind to choose a road which had been walked by some others. He thinks that if he had chosen another way, he would have felt the same. Anyhow, he keeps the other way to travel the next day, but he is uncertain whether he would be back again or not. He says that in the future when he will talk about this dilemma, he would start with a sigh. He himself does not know whether the sigh would be for expressing happiness that changed his life or it would be for dissatisfaction for choosing the wrong way. As he has not traveled the road yet, it is unknown to him that the road will be beneficial for him or not.

According to the poem, there can be many alternatives to choose for a person. It is always hard to make decision on choosing the right path because we don’t know whether the path would be effective or not. Similarly, without choosing a specific path, it is difficult to judge if the path is a perfect choice or not. Therefore, all of us encounter with such dilemma in our lives. It’s us who have to fix it and it is prudent that those who later hit upon success are the lucky ones; whereas, those who would find no gain would have to turn their way back. It does not sound easy; however, it is a reality that it is impossible to choose two different paths at a same time.

When I read the poem, I realized whether the path that I have chosen is right for me or not. I had many alternatives, but had no specific ambition. My parents wanted me to choose a specific field for my further studies; whereas, my friends suggested me for the other. I was in the same dilemma as the speaker in the poem. At last I chose the path that I had never thought about before. I still don’t know if the path I have chosen will encounter me with success that everyone is running after, but I’m sure that I’ll not forfeit. However, I would of course look for something else later if I am able to find the field that I’m interested in. I guess there will come a time, in my future as well when I would tell about my dilemma to the others with a sigh. Like the speaker, I have to find out whether the sigh would be for satisfaction or dissatisfaction because I’m still on the way.


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