The Road Not Taken and my response

When I read the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, I realize that the theme is universal. Every person in their life faces hard time to choose the right way, which will take then on the acme of success. In the poem, the narrator said that once he faced difficulties to choose one option between two roads. As the two roads were almost same, he was confused that which one will be perfect for him. He observed the both paths and decided to explore the second one as it seemed less used by travelers. Moreover, he wished that after a long time, he would be able to say that his choice was good and he would get honor and respect for his achievement.

I also faced the same problem in my life. In last year, I really had a difficult time to choose the right destination for me. In 2009, after passing my higher secondary, I tried hard to get admitted in a good university. Though I got chance in several places, I chose to get admit in Dhaka University as it is the biggest, oldest and best university of Bangladesh. As one of my uncles heard about AUW and inspired me to give admission test. As I was studying in DU, I was not so much interested about AUW. However, after giving admission I felt that I would pass the exam and I did not know that it was fortunate or unfortunate, I was called from AUW. My parents and relatives were so happy. But I was confused. Though it was hard for me to lead life in Dhaka and the facilities and environment of AUW seemed heavenly for me as I got full free studentship, I was confused to make decision. Some people were saying that if I read in DU, I would shine in my life and others were saying that even if AUW is a new university, it would be a best and exceptional university not only in Bangladesh but also in Asia. I can’t express the feeling I had that time. Lastly, I decided to come AUW and see what is going on here. It was hard for me to leave DU, but like the narrator I was hopeful that I was doing the right thing, which would make me exceptional from others. After coming here, I was happy that I have come in a right place. Though sometimes I feel confusion that I am on right way or wrong, I realize that if I give my best, I will get something desirable from here. Hopefully, I will say one day with proud that  my decision was right and I am successful because I chose the best way for me.

One Response to The Road Not Taken and my response

  1. Dear Urmi,
    I too have the same story as yours.As you said, the theme in this poem is universal, its very true! Life is never easy and we often happen to face difficulties and dilemma in our lives. Choosing between two paths is really difficult and confusing. Being single, we can’t choose both paths at once, so we need to be considerate while choosing the way we are going to walk on. The confusions you faced were similar to mine. I feel happy that you chose AUW and I happened to meet you. You have said that still sometimes you feel confusion about your decision. What I want to say about this is that it is not only you who face confusions. It happens to all of us. So as you have said, be proud of your decision and work hard! Bright future doesn’t depend on the choices of universities. Rather, your hard work counts. Feel happy to be where you are and work hard. You will probably get success in your life.Goodluck!

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