The Poem Resembling My Past

Written by Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” is a poem about a situation where a person has to choose the path to move forward in the life. In this poem, the speaker encounters two woods during his journey and he foresees the future of both of them. Consequently, he chooses the second one. On his way, he dreams that one day he will let others know about his way of accepting challenges and making decisions after deep analysis. The situation described by the poem exactly matches my present time.

The speaker goes through great confusion to choose the way which leads to success and satisfaction. I, too, had two choices before getting admitted at AUW. I had choices of either getting admitted to an engineering college or applying for AUW. Furthermore, the speaker analyzes both the paths carefully and chooses the second one. I did the same; I analyzed both the choices to move forward. Firstly, I analyzed my life in the field of engineering. The high cost of academic fees would surely stop me from completing my course. In addition, I really didn’t have much interest to get involved in science field. I just want to study because I don’t know a reputed sector to study other than science and technology. I would not be satisfied in this sector because I don’t enjoy being a part of this sector and my family’s economic condition would not favor me as well. On the other hand, AUW would allow me to receive international education at a low price. In addition, I want to work in the social sector helping others and AUW has courses to nourish my knowledge. Therefore, I decided to apply for the admission. According to the poem, the speaker doubts if the way he had chosen would lead to a better future or not. Nonetheless, he was satisfied during his journey and with his decision. I, too, was doubtful at the beginning of my journey. However, today, after being accustomed to life at AUW, I am confident that I will have a successful future and have made a right decision. Furthermore, the speaker looks forward to letting others know about his intellectuality. I also would be proud to tell about the challenge I accepted and the process I implemented to deal with it.

One Response to The Poem Resembling My Past

  1. auwsohana says:

    nice description about the dilemma in your life. i also had experienced the same situation. we, human, always face such confusing conditions in our life. sometimes, we don’t have choice, circumstance force us to take decision against our wish. so we should be hopeful and do our best to reach in our goal.

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