The Path Not Taken

There are so many paths that are not taken by me in my life.  For example, I would like to specify one incident here.  Before I came here, I was enrolled in an Advance Technological Institute and following a Higher National Diploma course in Information Technology (HND IT).  Meanwhile I was following a pharmaceutical course as well, hoping to establish a pharmacy in the future.  By the time I came here, I had completed one semester in HND IT and 25% of the pharmaceutical syllabus.  Since I was selected to AUW, I could not decide what to do, whether to continue with what I was doing or to enroll in AUW.  If I had continued those both courses simultaneously, then by next year I would have been able to settle with a job in IT field or perhaps to graduate by doing the degree externally.  However, since I came here, I will have to wait five or six years in order to complete my graduation and post graduation.

However, I did not say fail to acknowledge the positive consequences of coming to AUW.  Even though I regret for what I did not select to do, meaning, that I dropped the courses that I had been already following, I am happy about where I am now because I have got to know so many new things and learned more.

What I mean here to tell is whatever the choices that we select will obviously have both positive and negative sides as well. Therefore, we have to plan well about what we want, what our ambition is and how we to achieve that goal are.  We have to be firm with our decision and work hard for that.  We should not allow the external influences to intervene and interrupt our activities. Finally I would like to point out that we should not fail to plan. If we fail, that means, we plan to fail.  However, we have to keep in mind that fate decides the destiny and no one can change the fate.  So, whatever the plan we make are liable to have both positive and negative results.  Let’s be happy with whatever good happen thinking that everything happens for the sake of goodness.

One Response to The Path Not Taken

  1. papunauw says:

    Dear Mumtaj,
    I am very glad to know that facing many choices you select AUW to study, and now you are hopeful and happy whatever you get.
    Yes, you are right. For achieving goals, plans should be taken properly.
    By the way, I am confused what you want to mean external influences to intervene and interrupt our activities.
    I cannot agree with you in the poin that you mentioned-Fate cannot be changed, but I think it is not true. if we are determined to attain our goals by our patience, we can be successful in all cases.

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