Response to “The Road Not Taken”

              Why the success of life does mostly depend on making decisions? Why sometimes people cannot be able to reach his or her final destination? Why often people do blame on his fate? Really speaking, life offers many options to an individual. The options seem to be the branches of a tree. A great hardship has to be faced by the people to choose the proper path to reach their goals. As a result, individuals do not understand what type of paths they should choose to be successful. They flourish their dreams; select their goals, but being familiar to more choices they have to digress most of the time. So, it is obvious that making decisions in life is the essence part of leading a successful life.

            The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost takes me to a certain belief that every persons need to be cautious about making decisions, and this poem inspires me to make proper decisions. In every part of the poem, the author conveys a rigor faced by most of the people to make decisions. There are two roads going through in the poem, and the speaker shows his confusion in which path he should opt to travel. Although he is confused, he tries to make his decisions by his observation, by being cautious, thoughtful and optimist.

            The common belief of the people in the world is that the route of man’s life is settled on the fate, but it cannot be true. Generally, if someone fails in his life, he would blame on his fate. Actually, a man’s expectation depends on making his own decisions. If he does not seed his dream, does not determine his goals, and does not make proper decisions, he will fail in life. Moreover, killing time in idleness, relying on others or losing heart in the face of difficulties result in failure in one’s life. For making proper decisions, one should be careful and think about his or her passions and interests. 

            In this regard, I also had to face a great difficulty to make decisions when I was in 8th level whether I should select science, commerce, or arts. I became confused and I could not understand what to do. As my dream was to terminate gender discrimination in my community, to do something for maternal health, and to protect the environment from global warming, I chose science. Before getting admitted in AUW, I got the chance in Genetic Engineering in Chittagong University, and again I felt confusion which university I should choose for graduation. Finally, I decided that I would study in AUW, and my belief is AUW can fulfill my dream.   

             To sum up, although nobody can escape from the dilemma of many choices, we should be aware about making decisions to choose a better path that will take us to success.

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