My response to”The Road Not Taken”

“The Road Not Taken” is a beautiful poem by Robert Frost. The use of the natural environment in order to explain the mood of the speaker is praiseworthy. Moreover, this poem is relevant to most people’s lives because it presents a dilemma while making a decision that almost everyone has faced once in their lifetime.

In the poem, the speaker stands in front of the two divided roads; he becomes confused which one to take. These roads bewilder him; similarly, I can remember the day when I had to face a similar situation. On that day I was talking to my father, after having failed to get a scholarship in Institute of Medicine, in Nepal. My father was continuously querying about my decisions for my career. Since I was successively failing on every endeavor I took, I was gradually getting despaired. I had only two options left: either to return home and contrive for my next step or to keep on trying for the upcoming entrance exams. It was difficult for me to choose either choice because I was away from my home in order to achieve my goals, and I would be ashamed if I returned fruitless. Nevertheless, I thought a lot about it and I felt it was not prudent enough to waste my time seeking opportunities in only one field. Therefore, I chose to return to my home, where I had ample amount of time contriving about my future plans. Meanwhile, I too filled out an application and gave a try for a scholarship in a completely new subject, Liberal Arts, when I was at home. After staying some days at home and revitalizing myself with the evocative and inspiring speeches from my family, I went back to the capital city for tossing my luck one more time. However, who knew that my decision to go back home would be fruitful until I luckily got a scholarship to study in AUW. That was a difficult decision to make; nevertheless, it was a good one.

As described in the poem, in the future, the speaker would be relieved that he had possibly made a decision that has changed his life. Like the poet, now I am flipping over the pages of my past and reassuring myself that the decision I had made once was a good one because it has led me here, in AUW, where I am sharing my experiences among the talented people from all around Asia.

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