My response to “The Road Not Taken”

 “The Road Not Taken” is a poem written by Robert Frost in which he symbolizes his life as a road.  He encounters a road that is divided like a fork while walking in a forest during the fall. Moreover, he is in dilemma of choosing which way to travel.  He examines one of those as far as possible and chooses the next one. The road he chooses is full of challenges and needs to be explored. In the beginning he thinks he would choose the next one some other day, but the road never seemed to end.  He could never return back at the same point and again choose the next one. However, someday in life he also knows he would be relieved of choosing the right path which would make the difference in his life. This poem teaches us to be observant and to choose the correct path among the various paths life sets in our way.

The poem felt very connected to me as I have also had some difficult times choosing the correct way or option in my life. One of those decisions was to come to AUW which I am sure I will never regret. Before coming to this university I had been doing Bachelors second year in my own hometown. When I got selected, many of my relatives and friends suggested me not to come here as I was already going to finish my bachelors in next few years. However, I chose to come here although I knew that this way would be full of challenges. Now, I am also sure like the poet that the new challenges and struggles I will have to face here will make my life different.

Thus, there are many options in our life and it is obvious to be confused. We should be able to choose the correct one and move forward. Once we choose to travel in one way, we cannot return back and again choose the next one. So, we should be careful and observant while taking decisions and choose the way which we will not regret in future.

Digya Shrestha


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