My Own Feelings on Taking That Road

           After reading the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, I closed my eyes and let myself to be in that situation with my own imaginary feelings.

            I felt puzzled and bewildered not knowing how to choose the better between the two roads. As being taught to think credibly, I decided to consider both sides before making any decisions. Then, I randomly looked at the right one and found out it was curved. “Will it be okay to me if I pick this path while I cannot see far away what will be going on?” I asked myself. Then, I saw it was a weary road that many people had chosen. Not always being decisive and bold, I have always followed others’ ways of thinking, but at that moment, I wanted to do a different thing. Although I felt a little bit scared of what would possibly happen to me, I was still certain of what I was going to do. And I made myself calm by telling that I was going to walk on the first road some day in the near future, or if I felt regret with my first decision, I would come back and chose the latter one. “However, will it be the same as I came back, or do I have chance to come back?” I wondered.“Maybe I should choose the safer one.” “No, I will be fun if I choose the new one,” I answered myself. I inhaled and exhaled, and the feeling of desire to venture something new held on me. I picked up the other one mumbling it would be ok. In fact, it was not a bad choice because I came to realize that it was more vigorous with a lot of grass, even though I found out many people also went on this road. I pondered, “Between two of the seemingly same ways, I has taken the better one for myself. I know it is not as perfect as I expected, but I am happy with my alternative.” I dreamed of my future when I spend time telling my children with satisfaction that I have made my life differently. I will be proud of my option with a high voice, “I am the one who dared to choose the more adventurous way and I have never felt regret for my decisions”. I will be so excited to tell them my experience. I will teach them to be confident with their choices, not to feel remorseful for their options, and not to depend on other but consider what is good for them, because they are the only ones who understand their own paths.  

Thu Nguyen

One Response to My Own Feelings on Taking That Road

  1. dorjiom says:

    My dear friend Thu, I am very happy to know that you are happy and satisfied with the road you have taken. I really appreciate those people who listen to their own intuition and make decisions. I usually rely on my parents and elders suggestions. I too have the habit of taking the roads which are usually traveled by many people. However, it was my own decision to join AUW. No one forced me. I hope it’s the same case with you. I wish to be by your side in the future when you teach your children to be confident with their choices. I am looking forward to listen more about why you think the road you have chosen is good for you.

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