Making The Right Choice

The poem “The Road Not Taken,” written by Robert Frost, portrays the confusion that we certainly face in a stage of our life. Life gives us several choices to choose, which makes us confused. We don’t understand which way to take and which way would be better for us. At first, when I read the poem, I felt like the poem says, “It’s better to choose the way that is not chosen much by others.” But as I read again and again, I guess I got its meaning. “And both that morning equally lay/ In leaves no step had trodden black” (8-12). These lines made me realize that both roads are the same. It is not like one way is better than the other. It is just making a choice rather than standing in the forest forever. In the end of the poem, the speaker says, “I shall be telling this with a sigh/ Somewhere ages and ages hence:” (16-17). This sigh seems superficial to me because it doesn’t express the exact feelings of the speaker or whether it was out of happiness or regret. So, it doesn’t mean that if we choose the way not usually taken by others, we will succeed.

In my opinion, making an unusual choice is interesting. The poem reminded me an incident of my life. When I was in the 9th grade, I was studying in a prestigious school of my area. After studying there for one and a half year I found out that the school has got a corrupted principal and several biased teachers. I was too frustrated to concentrate on my studies for this reason. Gradually, my parents also got to know about this and they proposed me to change my school in the middle of the academic year. They advised me to get admitted into a different school which was very new and had not many students.

I was in such a dilemma that time. Some of my friends and senior brothers told me to stay in that school because it is a famous one and it will be foolish of me if I leave. On the other hand, because of inattentiveness, I was having bad grades. I also didn’t know anything about that new school and its quality. Finally, I just quit the “prestigious” school and got admitted in the new school. I won’t say that it was clever of me because I didn’t know whether the decision was good for me or not. However, now I say to myself with a happy sigh that the decision of changing the school was the best decision ever taken by me. I passed with the best result and it was possible for the caring teachers of that new school.

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