” Lord Krishna, Do You Hear Me?”

Dear Lord Krishna,

Today I went to your temple to worship you; I could not even enter in the temple. The priest and the other present Brahmins did not let me enter. They were saying that as I was from the untouchable community, I had no right to step on the temple and worship here. What was my fault here, Krishna? I was not born in an untouchable family, but my devotion to you was not lesser than anyone. So, why I could not even enter to your temple?

Since my childhood, when I started to realize what was happening around me, I felt that something was wrong with my family. After some years, I realized that not only with my family, but also the other families of our community were going through this. It is because we are known as untouchable. It is because we are the people of low caste in our religion.  I do not think the people of high caste consider us human or not. Do you know, Krishna, they take bath if we touch them? Moreover, when I was in the school, I felt very bad when I saw that the first 5/6 benches were reserved only for the Brahmin students. All the time we had to seat on the last benches. We could not sit on the first benches even if they did not come.

You know, Krishna, it was a very hot day of summer. I went to take bath in the Chowdhury pond with some of my friends, but we couldn’t take bath. Some Brahmin women of our village were present there, and they scolded us too much. They were telling that as we were untouchable, if we bathed in the pond, the water of the pond would be impure. The Brahmin could not bathe in the pond anymore then. I was just astonished hearing this. They were human, we were also. Their blood was red, ours wasn’t white.  So what was the difference between us? Why did this kind of inequity exist in our society? I didn’t know. Do you know?

 I am in love with a handsome boy of our village, and he also loves me. I also know that we can never be together as he is a son of a Brahmin family and I am from an untouchable family. His family and also the society will never accept our love. You tell me, Krishna, what will I do now? Will we sacrifice our love for the sake of this irrational rule of the society? You loved all the people of the world, no matter what their caste were. Why do your followers do so? Why don’t they agree to give equal rights to everybody?

5 Responses to ” Lord Krishna, Do You Hear Me?”

  1. ansadhikari says:

    Oie Tasnia,
    Superb yaar!! Your post is so touching. My eyes filled with tears. When I was reading your post line by line, I imagined the picture of a girl praying, and asking bitterly to her lord for her rights. I am really speechless. I want to say many good things about your post, but I am just thinking what the perfect word can be to describe your post. Moreover, I think you should continue writing the post further more, and you can give it to publish in some newspapers or some mazagine.
    Great Job 🙂

  2. tausifa says:

    Dear Tasnia,
    It’s really mindblowing! I think, krishna has heard your prayer, and so, now a days, caste system is going to be lost in the black hole of time. However, one thing i want to tell you that I’ve experienced a situation in my school like the one you’ve mentioned. Two girls were quarrelling badly for their castes, and teacher punished the both girls badly. How ridiculous!

  3. aditi27 says:

    Dear Tasnia,
    I do not know whether Lord Krishna heard you or not, but we could feel your pain and agony. I am sorry that you couldnot enter the temples, but God resides into our heart. So do not make your heart smaller by not being able to offer flowers and light incense sticks into man-made idols. Your worship the God that lives inside you. So far your love is concerned, you must take the initiative to cahnge the world around you. Do not bother about the people in the community who discriminate you. Just remeber that Lord Krishna spread love and that you are his true devotee since you love someone truly and you are determined to succed in your love.

  4. Hi Tasnia:
    Great work.
    I am very happy to see that you, a Muslim girl, wrote to a Hindu god, Krishna, for removing the caste system. Moreover, your blog is a heart touching blog. You pretend to be a untouchable girl, and beautifully played the role of the girl. It seems that you really face such kind of discrimination. Fortunately, lord Krisna has heard you, so caste system is removing from our world.
    Very well done

  5. iratahmid says:

    Hi Tasnia,
    I think you have done a good job. Being a Muslim girl, you wrote in behalf of a Hindu girl. It proves that here in AUW no inequity exists. All students, who are living here, live in harmony. Everyone try to respect others religion. Moreover, by pretending a as a Hindu girl it seems to me that you understand the pain of a discriminated person. While reading you blog, I can’t stop my tears.

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