Like the persona in the poem, “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost, I too have once faced a great perplexity. In the poem, the speaker stands on a fork in a road being confused which path to take. He takes his time to decide as he knows it is highly unlikely to return to the initial point. Finally, he chooses the latter one, which seems to be rarely used. This is what I did to overcome my dilemma.
After I accomplished my secondary level education, all I wanted was a full scholarship for my higher secondary education. I tried in three colleges including St. Xavier’s College. However, I could not get into St. Xavier’s College. Nevertheless, I succeeded in getting full scholarship in two of the remaining colleges, which put me in a dilemma. One college was in my hometown, and the other, in another district of my country. I was bewildered which one to choose as both the colleges are well renowned.
Firstly, I thought of choosing the college near to my home, that is, Bernhardt College, because it was convenient for me to go to from my home, and also I could stay with my family. Moreover, some of my friends were also planning to join that college. Furthermore, I thought that people from various parts of the country came to the capital city for their education, so I might seem to be absurd if I went to another district from the capital city for my education. Therefore, I had already made my mind up to join Bernhardt College.
However, as the time of enrollment came nearer, I again thought deeply about the issue so that I do not have to regret in the future. Eventually, I made a decision that is just the opposite of the former one – I decided to join Notre Dame Higher Secondary School. While I was thinking, I do not know why I happened to think that I should have an experience of being away from my family. Besides, I thought that as it is an internationally recognized college, it would be easier for my higher education and for my career. Hence, I decided to choose a very uncommon alternative, which a very few people choose. Thus, I gained an experience of staying in a hostel for a couple of years. Now, I am very happy that I chose the right high school.

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I am a student.

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