The choices that we make in our lives, it is so frustrating sometimes. What if we end up with the wrong decision? What if the choice that we make changes everything that we had hoped for? It is often very difficult to choose when we are presented with two different choices. We become confused and intrigued at the same time. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is about making choices in our lives. It is all about getting confused on which path to take. Making decisions can be difficult at times because our future depends upon it.

So how do we make the right decision or the perfect choice? Do we just go with our heart or believe in our instinct? Life can make us do tricky things. However, if we look at it the positive way, it is not tricky at all. It is for our own good. Nevertheless, what if the decision we make shatters everything? It is very confusing indeed, to make a right choice.

Like the speaker in the poem, many of us must have also faced the same situation. Many of us may have also made a wrong choice. I, for one, have made wrong decision once. Choosing a good college can be complicated, as we are choosing our career. When I completed my twelfth grade’s final examination, I applied in a university in India, which offered engineering courses. I had uneasy feelings as I applied for it because I was not exactly interested in engineering. I just applied for it because they are highly demanded in our country. I was accepted in the university that I applied for and it was a joyous moment for my mother, but not for me. I felt like I had done a terrible, terrible mistake. I did something that I had no interest in doing. I, however, did not say anything to my mother and joined the college in summer 2009. I thought that maybe I would be able to do it, but engineering was simply not me. It was not my thing. I could not cope with the studies. I made constant phone calls to my mother complaining. After two weeks, I went back home and had to spend a great deal of time visiting career counselor. The choice that I made did not exactly shatter my life, but instead it opened my eyes. It made me look at my life seriously, and made me realize something. Do what you want and not what others want you to do.

Mistakes are made while making decisions, but I do not think we should stop because of that. I did not exactly make many decisions in my life, and the ones I made were also wrong, but I think making decisions are crucial point of life. We are deciding our future after all.

About ztandee
Student at the Asian University for Women.

One Response to Decision

  1. Phamtram says:

    Hey Tandin,
    You might make a wrong decision, but you learnt a lot from it, didn’t you? You chose wrong college that didn’t fulfil your dream, but this experience helped you to appreciate the advantages of this university, AUW. Also, it helped you have chance to visit India, which was satisfied with your interest in travelling. I think that wrong decisions are good opportunities for us because we can learn many valuable experiences and lessons. Do you agree with me?

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