At one point or the other, one comes to a stage in life wherein certain situations, it is necessary to take a decision. Just like in the poem, “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost. He also faces dilemma when the single road that he was taking, at a point, diverges in to two and he has trouble deciding which road to take.

I have always asked my elders for their suggestion when I am required to make big decisions. Whereas, it was easy for me to decide for smaller decisions.  I have always found find myself in dilemma in making huge decisions like career choice or other such decisions that were associated to my future or anybody’s future. Till date I find myself doubtful in the chances that I take.

 I feel that it’s the lack of confidence is one of the factors that weakens a person’s ability to handle it. To add more to it, the lack of ideas and information about the surrounding and having no contact with the day-to-day life’s weakens a persons contact with the world and lessons and limits the ideas, way of thinking and knowledge. I have also observed that for a person who cannot take decisions, in later life, the person becomes weak in terms of thinking and is morally weaken. Furthermore, with the lack confidence the individual is regarded as a non-talented person by others.

The quote “I love the challenge of doing things people say can’t be done. The minute somebody says, “that can’t be done” I respond by thinking it would be interesting, exciting and fulfilling to prove it can be done” – Rude Gioliani. This quote encourages me. To see any kind of challenge as a mission that is interesting to do and as something that is to be proved really changes our mind to carry it out rather than backing-off from it and avoiding it. It makes us say, “Let’s take the challenge. It will be easy to tackle.” A slight change in thought also makes a lot of difference. Just by saying “I can’t do it.” stops one from doing any action that could be possible if we had tried. On the other hand, the phrases as mentioned above and a lot of others inspire and motivates us to take-up any task and just complete it what so ever the outcome is.

I still find myself less confident at times in decision making but compared to my previous days I have gained and have seen some improvements in me. I am glad that now I can take decisions on my own. I know, that there are a few more big decisions yet to come, and I hope that as times goes by I will be bold enough to make my own decisions in the right way and without any hesitation.

One Response to Decision

  1. Cear yogeeta, I am glad that you shared about your feelings with us. I really liked the quote. Its’ really encouraging. May be this quote’s the reason that helped to enhance the feeling of making decision by yourself. Similarly, the phrase “I can do it” also really helpful for people who have fear of making decision by themshelves. Thanx for sharing those quote and phrase, it can be helpful for me. Tlakking about your confidence, as far as I have known you, I have never seen you being tensed or depressed. You seem to have abilities to make decision by yourself. If you are confused, I’m always there to help you.

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