Caste discrimination

        In Hinduism people believes in caste system. They have four casts: Brahmans (the highest caste people), Kshatriya (the warrior caste), Vaisya (agriculture caste) and Sudras (the lowest cast people). In past this caste discrimination was so sever. People in Hindu society gave the highest position to Brahmans while Sudras were treated badly. They consider them as the people who deserve less priority in every sector of life such as job, honor, education etc.

        Once upon a time there two baby boys were born at the same time, Yobraj and Nandu. Both boys were born in the Hindu families, but their caste wasn’t same. One baby was born in a Brahman family and another baby was born in a Suudra family. When they saw the light of the world, they had already categorized in two labels.

        Yobraj’s family was a Brahman family and his father was a government worker. On the other hand, Nandu’s family was a Sudra family and his father worked for Yobraj’s father. Therefore, Nandu’s family lived beside Yobraj’s family. Nandus father was a good student, but caste discrimination forced him to drop his educated.

        In childhood, Yobraj and Nandu didn’t know which family they belonged or what their caste was. They were good friends. When they were at four, their parents decided to admit them in schools. Yobraj got chance to admit in a well known, government school whereas Nandu didn’t. He read in an ordinary school. After passing their school they admitted in a government college. Gradually, they started to understand their caste because people treated them in different ways. Yobraj was taking the advantage of it. Within a short period of time Yobraj got many friends whereas students started keeping distance from Nandu. With them Yobraj also started to keep distance from Nandu. As a result one day their friendship broke.  Later on, Nandu finished his education with a good result, but Yobraj passed with a poor grades. Unfortunately, Yobraj got a government job, but Nandu didn’t. In fact, he didn’t get any prestigious job for him only because he was Sudra. His future was pre-decided by his birth.

        It is true that Nandu is an imaginary character, but like him several people are still discriminated by caste system in some parts of the world. Therefore, people doesn’t derive the prestige what they deserves. I think, it is a matter of great regret that one doesn’t honored by his deeds, he is honored by his birth. We should break down this discrimination.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

One Response to Caste discrimination

  1. vythai says:

    Dear Iffat,
    Thanks for sharing such a good epitome of unreasonable discrimination. I think everyone must be treated at the same prestige. It is fair for them to express their ability and intelligence to help thier society. Thanks for the fact that many people discern the serious problems of our world, Hope that those who discriminate against the Untouchable can read your blog to realize their problems.

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