My Response to “The Road Not Taken”

“The Road Not Taken” written by Robert Forst tends tell us about the uncountable choices that come in our lives and the differences they make. In the poem, the speaker seems quite confused when he reached to the forks in the road during the autumn season. However, after standing and observing both roads for a long time, the speaker chooses the road “less traveled by” and leaves the faded road for another day. In the conclusion, the speaker says that in the future, he or she’d be talking about the road he or she had chosen and the differences it has brought in his or her life. The speaker’s tone neither seems happy nor upset.

 I enjoyed reading the poem and admired the way the speaker chose his or her road. I think the speaker listens less to other people, and listens more to his or her own intuition. It’s because he or she chose the grassy road even though the other road seems more faded and used by travelers. The speaker also seems adventurous. For example, “I took the one less traveled by,” (19) shows the speaker as a person wanting to experience new things.

Moreover, I like the way the speaker concluded. It’s because since he or she didn’t mention any emotions, the poem can be related to all the readers’ lives no matter whether the readers have taken right or wrong decision in their lives.

 Unlike the speaker, I usually depend on my parents and elders suggestion whenever I am in dilemma. However, last year I listened to my own intuition and chose to come to AUW declining other options. I had always wished to study abroad and experience new things. I chose the road less travelled by, or in other words, I applied for admission in AUW, although only few students from Bhutan were present in AUW. My decision has brought many changes and differences in my life. However, just like the speaker, I feel neither happy nor remorse over my decision. I come to know that every single decision we make in our day to day life builds our future. Roads are one of the tangible examples that exemplify the choices and opportunities which come in our life. We shouldn’t regret or think about what if we had taken the other choice. It’s useless to cry over spilled milk. Just be satisfied with what you have and what you are then only we our every choice will be right.




One Response to My Response to “The Road Not Taken”

  1. Dear Dorji,

    I enjoyed reading your post. You have explained the poem very briefly in an interesting way. I admire that you did not listen to the others and chose to come to AUW. I think the poem teaches us to choose the correct way and have a better life by exploring new things. It is good to ask help from our parents when we are in confusion. Our parents and friends give us suggestions according to their point of view. We are the ones who have to take the correct decision. So, we need to select the path which we want to take and we will not regret because once we move on, we cannot return back and change our decisions.

    Digya Shrestha

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