Who is the best?

        Last Thursday night I watched The joy luck club movie. That night I went to my bed and thought about which one is the best novel or movie. I couldn’t remember when I slept. At midnight I woke up by hearing a conversation. I heard two voices were coming from my drawing room where I kept my The joy Luck Club novel and movie. I walked to that room. When I reached, I saw no one was there and no one was talking. I left the room. After I left the room, again conversation started. I became curious. This time I silently entered the room and sat behind a sofa hiding myself in the darkness. Now I could hear their conversation clearly, but they couldn’t see me. Then a voice said, “You skip so many things. You insulted your writer by changing the ending. I enlighten everything undoubtedly as the writer want, so I am the best.” Then another voice said, “Readers cannot understand you clearly. By hiding the meaning, you make them confused. I bring everything in front of their eyes; so, they can understand what writer wants to say.  Now can you understand? I am not insulting Amy Ted. I am the best.”

        I was totally confused and afraid. I was thinking what they were talking about. Then a third voice said, “Relax, stop quarrelling. Both of you are good. If you are together than you will be best.” I became thundered by hearing the third voice. Then the voice continued, “Listen novel! When I read you I can imagine the situations, but the parables was not clear to me. When I see the movie, parables became clear to me.  It doesn’t mean you make me confuse and insult Amy Ted. Both of you are great in your work. Actually, it depends on ones thinking and understanding ability. Amy Ted wrote everything so clearly, but it has deeper meaning.  If the reader uses their critical thinking power, they can realize the meaning.”

        I became restless to see who they were and I raised my head. In the dark, I could hardly see them. One of them was my novel, the other was my movie and another person was me. Now we could see each other. They became very angry because I disturbed their conversation. They were trying to catch me. Then I became afraid and tried to run, but I couldn’t because someone put her hand in my shoulder, shook me and said “woke up.” I felt relief that I was dreaming.


About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

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