The Novel and the Movie, The Joy Luck Club

     The novel The Joy Luck Club was written by Amy Tan and the movie The Joy Luck Club was, too, directed by Amy Tan. It was a very exciting moment to watch a movie of the novel that you have read. It was the time when all the fiction characters would be seen in the movie. The movie made the stories more clear. One can compare the story with the story of the novel.

     Here is the comparison between the novel and the movie. The movie contained the stories in the novel, most of the parts were exactly the same; however, the movie covered fewer stories than it was included in the novel. The incident which I found new and interesting was when Jing-mei’s father hands in the album to Jing-mei to give to her half sisters. The album contained the photographs of Suyuan when she was in China. Her father wanted her to give the album so that her half sisters would get to know how their mother looked like in past because their sisters could not see their mother since the time when they were abandoned in Kweilin. I really liked this part because the dialogues delivered between Jing-mei and her father gave nice meaning to that particular scene and we get to know that her father, too, was somewhat being responsible to them. This novel is much more intricate and comprehensive than the movie. Watching movie created more sense to the story. The scene which was very heart touching and I feel which gave more meaning to the story is the story of the chapter “A Pair of Tickets,” where the suspense is revealed about how and why Suyuan abandoned her twin daughters and what happened to them. This chapter is the most interesting chapter in the novel and interesting scene in the movie as well. The visualization of this incident adds up to the meaning of the story. I enjoyed watching as well reading the book. However, the movie would have been more interesting if all the stories were included in the movie though it would be a very long one. I wanted to watch all the stories. It is really exciting that we can see the fiction characters in reality.

Would you like to share your opinion after watching the movie?


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