The Joy Luck Club movie

The only movie that I’ve ever watched for the first time in my life is The Joy Luck Club.  This movie left a great impression on me, especially in the situation when Suyuan Woo carried her twin daughter while she left from Kweilin and reached Chungking.  Her hands were bleeding that she hardly managed to carry them so far.  Finally when she was not energetic, she left her daughter behind and went away.  I really felt sad and sympathy for that mother.  Tears rolled from my eyes.  When that scenery was displayed the second time, my feeling rose double times that the first time.

I wonder if this was the way how my mom carried me when they were moving out of Mannar, my native village, during the war in Sri Lanka.  My mom has told me the manner how they moved and what happened on their way.  I know that they travelled by boat from Mannar because the area that we lived was a little island.  However, I din dare to ask my mom how she felt when they were internally migrating.  All what I know about the war, the way they managed to overcome this ordeal and etc is the fact that I got to know from my mother.  I have not seen my own area directly until now: neither had I seen it before the war nor after the war.  So I can imagine how the area might be by looking at the movie scenery.

I still wonder if my mom was in Suyuan Woo’s position, would she have left me behind like this mother did because of the difficulty in carrying me.  Sometimes when I become naughty, my mom tells me that she should have put me out of the boat!  But I don’t mean to find fault on Suyuan Woo’s action.

Since this scenery was displayed once at the beginning and again at the end, and since this is somehow related to my life, that made a great impression on my mind.

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